Kindlefest 2014

Does doing something 3 years in a row make it a tradition? If so, going to a German Christmas market is now a family tradition!  (Posts from 2012, 2013)

As per tradition, we took an awkward family selfie:

And we bought a new ornament for our tree!

There were several other ornaments we REALLY liked this year, but I started feeling sentimental about our time here in Michigan and decided I wanted an ornament especially to remember how much we've loved living here. (I know, I know, we'll be here for another year at least, but it feels like it's speeding by and it makes me so sad!!)  Also, the ornament is made of a beautiful piece of cedar, and it's hard to go wrong with that, right?

Also at the market were some adorable hand knitted baby boots that I completely fell in love with. After walking past the booth a handful of times and eyeing them adoringly every time, I asked Jesse to go over and ask how much they cost (they weren't marked). I knew they'd be too expensive (the other things in the booth were awesome too but were a little more than I wanted to pay) but I wanted to know just how expensive so I could feel justified in not buying them.  

Well, sweet Jesse saw how much I loved them (and knows how much I adore sweet baby feet and things to go on them!) and went over and bought them! He tried to pretend he didn't (I was standing a ways away and couldn't see) but I had gotten suspicious because it had taken too long for him to just be asking how much they were, so he ended up telling me ;) 

I'm so excited for little girl to get to wear them! In the meantime, they're hanging on our tree where I can look at them every day and be pleased :) 

We loved Kindlefest this year and are certainly going to continue the tradition next year! 


ivrcti said…
I love your new tree ornament. It took me a second to recognize it. Our tree too has many memories of places and friends from our past.
Maren said…
I LOVE that ornament, and the boots are cute too! Are you seriously down to a year or so? That's crazy. The Michigan years pass in a flash.

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