Christmas Cookiefest

Cookies are my favorite food, and this year I decided to share that love with our friends by having a Christmas cookie party! 

I baked sort of a ridiculous amount of cookies:

(in case you're wondering, there were: gingersnaps, chocolate mint thins, cranberry orange trail bites, almond icebox rounds, red velvet cookies and chocolate raspberry tassies)

Invited a ridiculous amount of our lovely friends (who were all obviously in constant motion, so I couldn't get a non-blurry picture!):

Made some wassail, set out some milk and invited other to bring cookies too, if they wanted (they clearly didn't disappoint!):

It was a really lovely evening spent enjoying yummy food with so many of our favorite people. Thanks to everyone who came for being so awesome, and to those who couldn't come/we might have forgotten to invite: we love you and hope to see you next year! Merry Christmas! 


Loïe said…
What a fun idea!
Demarae said…
How fun!! I'm totally doing this next year. Or I guess that's this year now...maybe in March to mix things up. Either way, fabulous idea.

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