Our marriage turned five years old last week! No longer a baby and definitely not a toddler, our marriage is the age of a full grown child ready to set off for Kindergarten on her own two little legs!  

We kept the celebration small this year, with a dinner out to a Mexican place I had been craving, and finished it with a childless date to a pop-up dry bar downtown.

My blurry boys! I love them so :)

The dry bar was super fun--great live jazz, delicious non-alcoholic drinks, and a really fun, relaxed atmosphere :)

We got a Pomegranate Rosemary Soda and a Spiced Pear Cream Soda. So delicious!

Our date wouldn't have been complete without an awkward selfie (or a few), in which Jesse didn't tell me he was going to make silly faces and I just about ran out of smiling faces in which my eyes weren't completely squished shut. 

Since I want to have a record of it here, I'm going to copy what I wrote on facebook:

We might have been basically children when we got married (ok, I'm exaggerating a little bit...) but I can honestly say that the last five years have been, hands down, the best five years of my life. Being married toJesse is the best adventure ever. Even an ordinary dinner conversation with him is great (common topics including but not limited to: pacifism and Christian socialism, what the YA lit novel I'm reading lately is about, the legal precedent for Plessy vs Ferguson, something funny Nikolai said/did during the day, whether or not Russia will invade Ukraine tomorrow, and the frequency and consistency of our toddler's poop). Some days we're more tired and less patient, and other days are just mundane, but every day he makes me a happier and a better person. This is a good thing we're doing, and I'm glad to be doing it with you Jesse!


Maren said…
Happy anniversary! I saw that dry bar on Facebook and thought it looked so cool.

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