It's a picture post!

Dear Friends,

I have been a slacker and not posted in a very long time. Here are some photographs detaling our latest adventures, with minimal words to fill you in. Enjoy.

Megan cam down for the weekend to hang out, and we carved pumpkins! Somehow, none of us decided to carve anything remotely typical jackolantern-y this year.

Jesse carved leaves!

Megan carved a sunshine!

I carved some rain drops!

And then.....there was baking. Yummy yummy lava baby cakes (or so my cookbook calls them!). I altered the recipe a little bit so I think I might be posting that own its on here soon...basically, it is a chocolate batter with chocolate ganache in the center that melts when you bake it and gushes out when you eat it, topped with juicy fresh strawberries and a little (or a lot) of powdered sugar! MMMM!!!

Witness the gooey yummy inside.

And then came the Halloween festivities! I dressed up as a doll and Jesse dressed up as a toy soldier.

We were very sweet animated inanimate objects. (p.s. I made our costumes. Yes I am bursting with pride about it, thanks for asking :D)

In other news, I'm been procraftinating lately!

I just made that word up. It sounds wrong. I meant, I've been crafting instead of doing homework lately, i.e. procrastinating-crafting....procraftinating.....yeah, that one doesn't need to catch on. Anyways....

I'm a little obsessed with these tear drop shapes lately. I draw them all over my notes, filled in, outlined in thick black lines, cascading, grouped, all over the place. And I finally realized: I can create them in a three dimensional medium! The always useful toilet paper roll strikes again!
(I TOLD you I was going to use those, remember? I didn't lie!)

In other news, we did laundry this weekend (yes, you may breathe a sigh of relief, we are not walking around in stinky clothes!) and upon setting the clean laundry in front of me to fold (p.s. mom I hate doing the laundry and putting it away but I LOVE folding it. weird huh?) I saw the following lovely colorful sight:

I think we like to wear colorful clothes...:)

In other news, we made Borsch (a tasty tasty beet-pork-cabbage soup that I could have sworn 5 years ago that I'd NEVER like) and as Jesse was peeling the beets, we noticed how cool they look on the inside! Look!

I like the cool wood grain look it has. Pretty huh?

Alright folks, that's it! By the way, if you read this far, would you leave a comment? I get a lot of visitors (I spy on you spying on me, see?) but never any comments! It would be nice to know who is reading. Thanks!


lydiaruth said…
Love the Halloween costumes. And I'm super impressed that you MADE THEM! Also, we need to get together again sometime soon.
Kylie said…
I love your blog, Catherine. :) And LOVED your Halloween costumes. Thanks for coming to our party!
Catherine said…
Lydia: Thanks!!! Jesse and I were just talking about that the other day; I think it's y'all's turn to come here soon!

Kylie: AH! I didn't even mention that we came to your party!!! :( I am such a slacker. Nonetheless, it was a wonderful party, as is anything we do with y'all--seriously :D
ivrcti said…
Hmm, seems you inherited my 'must create something crafty' gene. Of course, crafts have always been a prefect excuse for me to procrastinate, so I'm hereby officially adopting your new word 'procraftination'!
I love your eye for simple beauty. That's a real gift. I am SO proud of you two!
K&M said…
Nice blog, I always read your blog updates!! I love your costumes!!! Did you make the toy soldier costume too?
Kiera said…
btw: LOVE the halloween costumes. you two are adorable. I love the relationship you two have. it's very sweet.
and you are so crafty!
my inspiration!
i will return great gatsby soon, i promise. with lovely goodies. Anything in particular?
Catherine said…
Dad: I totally blame you for my inability to sit still. Thanks :)

Melissa: Thanks for reading! And yes, I made the toy soldier one too :)

Kiera: Thanks! And no worries, we're not exactly itching to re-read it anytime soon so there's no rush. Although returning it with anything delightful would be amazing!
Meg said…
You're so cute Catherine! And I am quite impressed with your costumes! I wish I was as crafty as you. And you should comment on mine sometime toooo xP
WoozleMom said…
You rock. I always read your posts :)
Much love.
Unknown said…
Procraftination!!!!!!!!!! I FINALLY have a word to describe what I do all day!!!!!!!!!! You have no exited how happy I am. I'm totally gonna post about this. :D:D:D:D
Loïe said…
I actually really like the word "procraftination!" So very clever.
Anonymous said…
Hi Catherine!! Yes I am a stalker so I thought I would pop in and say I love the pumpkins you all carved!! Miss you!
Mary Grigg
Jill said…
I love your costumes!! So fun! And I love that you took a picture of the fun colors in your laundry. I always notice those types of things and they make me so happy, but I never think of taking a picture. :) Our laundry mostly consists of BYU navy blue t-shirts cause that's pretty much all Tommy wears. Love your blog!
bRob said…
Hey Catherine -
It's brittany (from high school. bio. physics. german. all of that. :)

I stalk your blog because I think your happy married life seems fun.

-Love from North Carolina,
brittany (from high school. hah.)
Catherine said…
Brittany!!! Why hello there! I'm so glad you read my blog! That reminds me, you sent us a really lovely card when we got married and I set it aside so I could write you a meaningful thank you note in return...and then forgot...sorry :( But I really appreciate the things you said! thanks for the love from NC--this whole fall in Utah thing just doesn't even come close to fall in North Carolina, so I need all the NC love I can get!

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