Mondays are not good days for cooking

I wrote a six page paper in German this morning. It was supposed to be nine. Hurrah for first drafts! I need more research though.

I attempted to make an autumnal stew this evening. Rachel Ray kinda failed me though. Actually, it was my fault: I chopped up the onions, carrots and celery too fine because I wanted to try out our food processor, which came today (:D!). Anyways, so the bits were really too small for a stew, so they cooked too quickly, and then I put the allspice in a step too early, but it wasn't really allspice since we didn't have any, so we used cinnamon, ground cloves and nutmeg instead, which likely threw the taste off some. There was twice as much apple as there was chicken, and the apples were really too soft, so they kind of turned to get the idea. Jesse loved it, bless his heart (I know what he'll be eating for lunch for a week or two...). I decided though, that since I messed it up so much it does deserve at least one more try, so here's hoping that one is better.

I tried to cut my hair on Thursday. No, I won't be posting pictures. It's not THAT bad, it's just not....good. I made Jesse promise to never let me do this again. We made a pact. Never, never again. The good news is, though, that now I have bangs-ish, and my hair looks real cute in a pony tail. Yep. Optimism.

I hate going to class without having my homework done. It seriously stinks.

We went to Divine Comedy this weekend! And Landon and Kylie came!!!! They had never been before so we made 'em come with us, and I think they enjoyed it (in spite of the prevalence of UVU and BYUI jokes, bless their hearts!). We got in line absurdly early and ate pizza and played cards and had a grand ole' time. (Is that how you spell ole' ? or is it ol' ? That looks weird....)

We also went to the BYU vs U of U hockey game!!! It was...very interesting. Very Primal. The game play is very fast and often hard to follow. The crowd cheers when people players push each other into walls (which is apparently allowed?!) and when they fight. When they fight too much, though, the refs put them in time out for 2 minutes, during which time their team has to play without them. "You were bad #13! Go sit in that box and think about what you did!"

Very strange.

These have been stuck in my head all day.

Have a lovely day!

p.s. Thank you for everyone who commented and let me know they read! I'm so glad that all of you are here! Well, in a metaphysical sense.... ;) Thanks for reading!!!


Meg said…
You're so cute Catherine! You should make Arizona Skillet Dinner =D
Kylie said…
We had a blast with you guys! And UVU and BYUI probably deserved at least some of the mocking...:) We want to go again next semester!
Catherine said…
Megan: We make it all the time! We gotta branch out sometimes!

Kylie: Hooray! We'll definitely let y'all know when the first one next semester is! Thanks for coming with us!

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