I skipped class this morning, cause I just couldn't wake up for it.  Sorry, Music 202.  You're a great class, I just don't like your time.

Anyways, Jesse stayed home too instead of going to campus, cause he just had hw to do and could do it at home just as easily as on campus.

We are out of cereal, and forgot to put oatmeal in the crockpot last night, AND we need to rest of the eggs so I can make cupcakes tonight so they're not an option either.  So Jesse is in the kitchen making pancakes for breakfast, the last edible breakfast food we have.  It's out of desperation, I know, but with the tv on in the livingroom it feels a little bit like a saturday morning at home, with cartoons and dad up early making pancakes and bacon for breakfast.  There's no bacon, and no cartoons either (Jesse is listening to the Russian tv channel while he cooks) but with the smell of the pancakes the memory is there.


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