Monday, June 29, 2009

A feather in the sunshine and bad weather

On Saturday, Jesse and I had a picnic :)

Well, let me start at the beginning.

First, we went yardsaling :) Jesse found some awesome old books, and I found some cool necklaces and some dominoes.

Theeeeeen we went to Many Lands, this kind of hole in the wall foreign foods place. It was really cool, they had all these random foods from all over. We found a bunch of food Jesse liked on his mission (which I can't pronounce right now, and definitely can't type). And we bought some!

So then we went to the Farmer's market! We walked through it 3 times looking at everyyyyyything before we settled on what we wanted to get. We got some frozen yogurt first, then I bought a cool bracelet and a potted daylily (hooray! plants!), and then we bought a loaf of fresh homemade bread!

All of this awesome food purchasing leads up to a momentus event: A PICNIC!!!!

Here is a picture of the spread.

I was taking the picture and Jesse jumped in and made a crazy face, all last minute like. It was amusing :)

Close ups!

This is the really cool Russian carbonated juice kind of thing Jesse used to drink :) It tastes kind of like cream soda, but pear flavored. It was different, but good.

This one sounds kind of like [pri-en-iki] but you say it faster. It's like gingerbread with fruit jam filling (this one was strawberry) with a slightly crunchy, sugary coating on the outside. IT WAS SOOOO GOOD!!!!!! I think we'll probably be eating a lot more of these in the future....:)

Notice behind it, the beautiful loaf of bread :)

OH MY GOSH IT WAS SO GOOD. I really really really like fresh bread......really really really.....we ate it with some leftover egg salad on it, also, plain....cause it was really tasty :)

Then Jesse was sleepy, so I practiced taking pictures of him.

I might be a little bit biased, but I think he's really cute :)

I took a lot of pictures of him eating. He wasnt sure what to make of it.

This is one of the best Jesse faces ever. And there are a lot of those.

This is the prieniki :D
Look how tasty look how tasty look how tasty!!!

Ok, just ONE picture that Jesse will make a pouty face at me for. But it's a good one. Calm down Jesse.

He is sitting next to me, watching me type. This is how our conversation went as he read.

Jesse: That's not a good one!

Me: But it's got your happy wrinkles in it!

Jesse: Oh ok....

Jesse has happy wrinkles. I am fond of them.

That is all.

Look how green the mountain is!!!

It has rained a lot lately. I love green mountains :) I'm fairly certain that is how God intended mountains to look.....but I'm biased. This is what I grew up with.

I'm not gonna lie though, I like the look of the Wasatch Mountains when they're all rugged and rocky but have green just springing up through the crevices :)

Aaaand then I took some cool pictures of Jesse :)

(I really like this one, but Jesse doesnt, so he said I could only put up this one if I put up this next one too)

And then a cool one I played with :D

This last picture is just for proof that we really do live in "happy valley."

Even those people's patch of flowers is happy :D

Peace, love, russki picnics,

Saturday, June 27, 2009

This is the writing of the whiner's bio

It's fairly common knowledge that I work at the Jamba Juice on campus. It's a pretty good job, fun, not too complicated, and I work with really fun people. A lot of these plusses (that's an odd word to pluralize, btw), however, are nearly negated when spring and summer term rolls around. Want to know why? Well, I will tell you. EFY KIDS AND SPORTS CAMPS.

They're all probably great kids, dont get me wrong. Children of God, all that. But DANG IT, they're annoying when attempting to order a Jamba! So, although none of them will ever read this, here is a step by step list of how to correctly order and receive a Jamba, and some pitfalls to carefully avoid.


I cannot stress this enough.

We have a menu. It is on the wall. There are clearly labeled sections, "Toppers," "Jamba Light," "All Fruit" "Blended with a purpose" and "Classics."

Each section has a list of cleverly titled smoothies under it, each smoothie followed by a list of ingredients.

For beginners, the Classics menu is a great place to start. They are our classics for a reason. Look at the ingredients. Find one that has a combinations of fruits that you think you would enjoy. Pick that drink! It's not that hard.

WARNING: DO NOT stand in line for 20 minutes only to get to the register and ask "What's good?"


WARNING: DO NOT: Come up to the register and tell me you would like a "strawberry-banana smoothie." This only shows that you clearly didn't even glance at the menu. If you had, you would have seen at least one of two things. One: Under "Classics" (hard to miss, let me tell you) we have the Strawberries Wild. Under that, it clearly lists the ingredients, "Apple-Strawberry Juice, Strawberries, Bananas, Frozen Yogurt." That's pretty clearly a strawberry banana smoothie, guys. If that isnt clear enough, then you SHOULD have been able to catch a glimpse of the Strawberry Whirl. "Apple-Strawberry Juice, Strawberries, Bananas." It doesnt get any more "Strawberry-Banana Smoothie" than that. Seriously. READ THE MENU.

WARNING: Realize what you're ordering. Here is a lovely little story of something that happened to us the other day. [For the record, this customer was probably in her 30s. Not an efy participant].

Customer: So, is the Acai topper a smoothie?

Mike [employee at the register]: yeah.

note: the "toppers" section of the menu is the breakfast section, so it has four smoothies, each with their ingredients listed under them. It doesnt say under each smoothie that they have granola and bananas on them, BECAUSE at the top of the Toppers section, it says CLEARLY that each topper comes TOPPED with granola and sliced bananas. HENCE the name, "acai topper."

Customer: ok....can I have the middle one, in two smaller cups?

Mike: sure! [completes transaction]


Molly [employee pouring and calling out smoothies]: Customer, acai topper!

Customer: [upon arriving at the counter and seeing the two cups of acai topper that she ordered]...ohh....oh I didnt want granola on it. I didnt know it came with that on it. He said it was a smoothie, so I though it wouldnt have anything on it....can you just like scrape that off?

Molly: oh yeah sure [she's a good sport, and proceeded to scrape off all the granola and make a little more smoothie so it would fit in the cups a little fuller].

Customer: ok, thanks so much, sorry about that.

The moral of this story: READ THE MENU.

Step Two: Pick a size

At Jamba juice, we have 3 convenient sizes. They are sixteen, original (or 24) and power (or 32). At the top of each section of the menu board, it lists the the sizes and the prices for each size of that type of smoothie (classics are the cheapest, all fruits are a little more expensive, etc). We also have a display on the counter of how big the cups are and what they are called. Its fairly obvious that if you do any sort of reading of the menu board, you should be able to see that we have three sizes at varying costs.

So this is what shouldn't happen.

Customer: How much is a small?

Me: It depends on what you get. The prices vary by the type of smoothie.

Customer: Uh....[randomly looks at the first smoothie they see] about a strawberries wild?

Me: A sixteen strawberries wild is $3.55, including tax.

Customer: about the uh....the medium one?

Me: The ORIGINAL? That one is $4.41, including tax.

Customer: Uh......ok. [Stands there thinking for awhile, despite the fact that they have been standing in line for TWENTY MINUTES ALREADY.] about....lets get uh.....lets get a big one-

Me: The original or the power [they're both "big"]?

Customer: Uhm...the middle one [they mean original. they just cant read]. And lets get....a Razzmatazz.

This shouldn't happen. Unless you forgot your glasses, and can't see the menu. That's happened before, and I completely understand. But laziness is not allowed.

Moving on.


After the customer FINALLY orders, I ask them "And what name can we call when it's ready?"

Here are the responses I usually get to this question:

"Yeah, ok." [clearly not listening to what I am saying, and therefore doesnt know how to respond]

"wait, what, how much?" [again, wasnt listening, and so thought I was telling them how much they owe]

"uh....." [just couldnt manage to remember the name that people have been calling them for ~15 years....]

None of these are your name. If you've been paying any sort of attention in line, you should have noticed that the person pouring the smoothies has been calling out names. So, in theory, someone will probably ask you your name so that they can call it. So it shouldnt be a surprise when I ask you!!!

My favorite customers (during efy at least) are the ones that get to the register, tell me that they want a 16 Orange Appeal and that their name is Stefanie. I don't have to try and get their attention, or wait for them to decide what they want, they just give it all to me. It's great :)

Step Four: Order, then LISTEN.

I like pouring smoothies. It's kinda fun. What isn't so much fun is having scream "MAN EATER, Strawberries Wild! MAN EATER!" at the TOP of my lungs [to be heard over all the rambunctious efy-ers] over and over and OVER because you and your little friends are a) talking too much to hear me SCREAMING and b) have already forgotten the stupid name you told the cashier to call when it was ready. Really. I just feel silly after about the third time. So listen up, kay?

A little clarification: I don't mind when customers make complicated orders. It's actually a nice way to mix up the tedium of cashiering when people make interesting substitutions and such.

It's mostly just mindless, selfish, ignorant consumerism that bothers me.

peace, love, they're all children of God they're all children of God they're all children of God......

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I never loved nobody fully, always one foot on the ground

For years, I've loved the song On the Radio, from Regina Spektor's Album, Begin to Hope. It's almost a nonsensical song, because each line relates to the line immediately preceding it and following it but there isnt any overarching theme until the middle of the song, or so. For example, it starts off like this:

"This is how it works
It feels a little worse
Than when we drove our hearse
Right through that screaming crowd
While laughing up a storm
Until we were just bone
Until it got so warm
That none of us could sleep
And all the styrofoam
Began to melt away
We tried to find some worms

To aid in the decay

Kinda funny, huh? Anyways, I love it.

My second favorite part of the song is this:

"This is how it works
You're young until you're not
You love until you don't
You try until you can't
You laugh until you cry
You cry until you laugh
And everyone must breathe
Until their dying breath"

It's all just so straightforward. This is how it is, she says. You're
young, then you get old, and you're not young anymore. You love
someone, until you don't love them anymore. You try things, until
you can't try them anymore. Life is crying, and laughing, and
laughing while you cry and crying while you laugh. Everyone
breathes, a thousand times every day, every night, every day,
every night, until they draw just one more breathe and this life is
over for them. These things are life: aging, loving, trying, crying,
laughing, breathing.

But my favorite part of the song, part that I've recently been
thinking a lot about, is this:

"No, this is how it works
You peer inside yourself
You take the things you like
And try to love the things you took
And then you take that love you made
And stick it into some-
Someone else's heart
Pumping someone else's blood
And walking arm in arm
You hope it don't get harmed
But even if it does
You'll just do it all again"

Let's break it down some more.

"No, this is how it works
You peer inside yourself
You take the things you like
And try to love the things you took."

I've recently realized that before I can do almost anything, I have
to love myself. That's what this is saying. This is essential to living.
Look inside yourself, find the things you like about yourself, and
try to love those things. Moving on to the next part, which is
integrally related to this thought:

"And then you take that love you made
And stick it into some-
Someone else's heart
Pumping someone else's blood"

The only way you can really love someone else is by loving yourself
first. You take that love, that you discovered you had for yourself,
and then you put it into someone else. Your love, that was for
yourself, becomes love for the other person, because you are whole
enough to give it to them without losing yourself in the process.
And the awesome part: that love goes straight into the other
person's heart, pumping their blood. One's heart is really
interesting--it pumps your blood, pushing it to every part of your
body. All of your actions and thoughts are possible because your
heart just keeps chugging along, pumping your blood. It's an
interesting metaphor, that someone else's love goes straight into
your heart, pumping your blood, essentially drivingyour thoughts
and actions.

And the last part:

"And walking arm in arm
You hope it don't get harmed
But even if it does
You'll just do it all again"

You walk together, side by side, partners, hoping and praying that
the choices that have brought you to this place will have been good
ones, trusting that the other person will take care of your heart, but
knowing that if it happens, like it has happened before, you'll do it
all over again anyways. That's love. Trusting, hoping, when it's
completely irrational. But knowing that if it ends, there will be
another beginning, with someone else, somewhere else, some
other time. That trust and faith and hope is the only thing that
makes love possible.

I really love this song. I love how beautiful and deep it is, how
you can delve into it and discover personal meaning in it, but
also how it is just a beautiful song, and it can be enjoyed on
that surface, pretty, fun layer too. Kudos to you, Regina Spektor.
Major kudos to you.

peace, love, deep music,

Thursday, June 11, 2009

He talks like a gentleman, like you remember when you were young

There were some awesome people at work today. It was this man and this woman, and although he spoke normal english she had a bit of an accent, spanish maybe, and they both looked like they were maybe Spaniards. Anyways. I'm not sure if they were married or just friends but they ordered together so infer what you will. He ordered first, then turned to her and asked what she wanted. She began to explain that she was on a diet and couldnt have sugar, but that the fresh squeezed juices would probably be alright. But let me pause for a moment and tell you about her. She was this taller, dark haired lady, dressed nicely, wearing lots of bracelets and such, and everything she said or did was animated and lively and interesting. It was almost silly, the way she talked about being on a diet and wanting to try a wheat grass shot, but in a charming, confident way. Anyways. So I made her wheat grass and gave it to her, watching while she drank it: customers trying wheat grass for the first time almost inevitably make funny faces at the taste. But she just chugged it down and then asked if she could have the rest that was in the cup I had collected it in (from the juicing machine). The man began to tease her a little, about how enthusiastic she was about the wheat grass and how you'd think she was just drinking something really tasty from the way she downed it. But she just grinned and drank the rest goodnaturedly.

Anyways. These people reminded me of the couples in old b&w movies, where they're both super classy and the man really likes the woman but cant let her know so he's serious and teases her about things instead. But the woman, she's clever and happy and lively and confident, so she just takes it all in stride, and inevitably falls for the man. That's what this couple was like for me today. They were just classy, and awesome!!!! It was awesome.

Something else awesome. Today I was in the checkout line in the library to recheck Anna Karenina (I've rechecked it online the max amount that I'm allowed to) and the girl in front of me was taking a little while cause she had a huge stack of books to check out. I didnt even have a chance to get frustrated before I noticed some of the authors and titles of the books she was checking out: tons of books by jerry spinelli, meg cabot, and other young adult authors, aaaaand slavic for beginniners. For those of you who dont know, I love young adult fiction and I seriously hope I never get "too old" to read it. Aaaaaand I love languages. So I was standing there looking at her books and was like 'oh man. this girl is awesome. we should be friends!' but I didnt say anything to her cause that might be kind of odd. but it was kind of cool, seeing someone with some of the same interests as me, standing there in front of was kind of like she was my doppelgänger...haha. Anyways. That was awesome.

the only other thing to note is that tonight I went with michele to DI and got new clothes!!! I got 3 pairs of pants, a skirt, 2 blouses, and a dress, for under $40! I think I did pretty well. And I really love all of them :) None of the pants are denim (and I always wear jeans so that was nice), one of them is brown courduroy-ish that I got for work, one is light green and also kind of courduroy-ish, and the last pair is kind of the same softness as courduroy but without the little divets in it (I have no idea what kind of fabric it is) and they are..........a mix between electric blue and teal!!!! it's this super awesome color and they're boot cut to boot! They're also made by the company that makes a pair of my favorite skinny jeans, so they're good pants too. The dress I got is a summery sundress and is white with purple and ORANGE flowers all over it!!! It is the coolest dress I have ever ever owned. I love it.

I'm kind of trying to update my look to a more sophisticated, not a little girl anymore look, and tonight was the first step in making that happen. Whoohoo!!!! I like bargain shopping, especially when I love love the clothes I found.

that is all!!!

peace, love, orange flowers all over,

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I am still in the dark, lighting candles

Iiiiiiiiiiii have been working a lot lately--6 hours a day. I work both efy rushes (lunchtime and their breaktime, when ALL 2500 of them decide to come to Jamba at once) aaaaand it might be making me crazy. But it is more hours! And more money! And I have a job, for which I am endlessly grateful in these uncertain economic times.

Tonight Jesse and I went to see the Giver, put on by the BYU theater department. I love love love the book, and the play was an excellent representation of it. I liked sitting there before it started, just looking at the set, which was very simplistic and cool looking. And I was thinking about how we were all sitting there, waiting for it to begin, and how we were all going to sit there for an hour and a half or something and enjoy the same performance, and how we would all react to the same exact situations in different ways. But we will all watch the same performance. I really like theater, too, because you are a part of what you are watching in a way that you arent in any other performance. Something about sharing the same air as the performers, seeing them just a handful of feet a way makes it really intense and real. Anyways, I like it.

Then we just came home and watched Atlantis and played SUPER SMASH BROTHERRRRSSSSSS. I only won once, but in my defense, I was playing against Andy and Jesse (and Jacob and Rex) and they are wayyyyy good. I placed 2nd almost all the time though!!! I was pretty impressed wif mah own skilllllz.

Anyways, one round I wasnt playing and I began to watch Jesse play, and discovered that he makes tons of intense and awesome faces. So I grabbed mah camera and began to capture some :D
Something was funny, I think :)
He gets all googly eyed and intense :)
He was about to win, and this is the face he made...
Best face ever :)

Alas, now he is off to eyedaho for a week to be a counselor for boy's state, a mock government thing. But, he will have an awesome awesome time, and we will talk on the phone every night, and I will have time to catch up on all the reading I want to do this summer, because I wont be spending my every free minute with him ;) These are the things I am telling myself.

peace, love, ya nye chachyu ohhbuvi,

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Always one foot on the ground

Today was a wonderful day. Er, evening. Cause that was the bit that I spent with Jesse :) I surprised him tonight and packed a picnic dinner and told him to drive up the canyon and just told him when to pull off :) we went to bridal veil falls and found a picnic table and ate and talked and enjoyed how beautiful the canyon is this time of year!!!!!! However, my camera batteries died as soon as I turned it on, so I have no evidence.....but it was pretty :D

and THEN we went and picked up Jacob, Andy/Drew/Andrew, and his friend Sarah, and went to see Up!!!!!!!!!!!

It was brilliant brilliant brilliant. I think it is my favorite Pixar movie yet. I say that every time I see one, but I think i mean it this time!!!! However, Pixar is BRILLIANT and I have no doubt that they will continue to make amazing amazing amazing movies.

I want to tell about my favorite parts!!!! So if you havent seen it, PLEASE STOP READING!!!!!!! I do not want to ruin this amazing movie for you. Because it is an experience. Not just because it is in 3D, but because the movie is an adventure, for the veiwer as well as for the characters. Which is why it is so AWESOME.


I love the main character. And I just realized I dont know what his name is. Cause thats not really what is important. But I LOVE how pixar makes you fall in love with their characters. They are flawed and imperfect and endearing and beautiful and human. We can relate to them, see ourselves in them, even want to be like them.

My favorite part in the whole movie, only because it moves me so much, is probably in the 1st 20 minutes. The main character is married to a beautiful woman that he loves very much, and one day they are laying in the grass looking at the clouds, trying to identify what shapes the clouds look like. The first time, the wife looks up and sees a turtle, etc, but then a few scenes later they are there again and she sees a baby, then mouths "the sky is full of babies" and looks up again and every cloud turns into a baby shape. It shows them go to the doctor though, and sad music plays and the doctor shakes his head and they look sad.

And my favorite part. It cuts back to their house, that they love. She is outside, under a tree, sitting on a chair, with her eyes closed. She is sitting there, thinking about how she will never bear a child to play under that tree, to run through their happy little home with tiny feet. But the look on her face is not one of sadness. It is one of acceptance, of realization that she can live a full life without that, even though that would have been wonderful. She is at peace. And all of this happens in probably 2 seconds as her husband sees her sitting outside and walks outside to see her. But it is a beautiful, beautiful moment. And that moment (and others like it) is why I LOVE Pixar.

Alright, thats all I needed to write about. :) Now, go see Up!!!!!!!

peace, love, the spirit of adventure,