Fabulous short-haired lady

I've been toying with the idea of lopping off all my hair and donning a pixie cut for a few years (especially after a whole bunch of my superb Ann Arbor friends did it and looked amazing), and this week I finally did it! 

It was an interesting experience to get such a dramatic cut in a foreign country. Jesse came to serve as translator, but in some ways that was less stressful than doing it in the US. I think for years I've been stressed about trying to describe/show a hairdresser what I wanted done, and worried that I'd be disappointed if I didn't communicate it right and it didn't turn out how I hoped. But somehow, having it all done through an intermediary in another language forced me to cede control of the whole situation and just accept how it turned out (which I really needed to do anyways). And in the end, I love it!

Here's my hair that morning:

And after! 

I should mention that since I had kids, the density, texture and color of my hair has changed dramatically. It used to be thin, pretty straight and quite blond, but in the last few years it has gotten exponentially thicker, wavier and darker blonde. The thickness has been a bit of a problem--I began to get headaches because I had so much heavy, thick hair pulling on my head all of the time! So I had begun to see a pixie cut as a way to increase my quality of life as well. 

Anyways, it was pretty fun to get my hair cut! I haven't had a professional haircut in 7 years (I always just trim it myself) and it was exciting to have someone who knows what they're doing work on it. 

Also, the hairdresser Alyona (who was recommended to me by an acquaintance here) was incredibly nice and put up admirably with my stumbly, imperfect Russian. 

Initially I had only planned to get it cut, but I had been a little worried that it would look super brown once it was cut because it had been looking browner each year (not that brown hair is bad, but I've always thought of myself as blonde and it's weird to only be kind of blonde now!) So when Alyona suggested that we add some blonde and purple, I jumped on it! (Also, seriously, I might be incapable of saying no to purple hair)

Alyona purpled the roots and the ends, but the roots are only a bit purple because she didn't bleach that first. It's pretty cool looking!

And the results!

It's exciting to have a haircut that feels like it celebrates my angular face instead of trying to hide or downplay it. It's been super easy to style (seriously, I basically just brush it out after washing it because I don't own a hairdryer here) and I already love it so much! 

(Can you tell from my face?!)


Maren said…
I love it! It looks really good on you and you look so confident and happy! My hair has changed after kids too, though not so dramatically. I used to have stick-straight hair, even after air-drying, but now I have weird waves and some texture so I have to actually blow dry it now. Funny how things change.
Loïe said…
So lovely! It really suits you, especially the purple! :)

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