Brunch Date

Most of the time when the kids are at pre-school, Jesse is out teaching and I'm hammering away at my MLIS. But sometimes we play hooky, and take advantage of the kids' absence to go on a little brunch date. We didn't really put in the effort to find a frequent babysitter here in Moldova, so dates are pretty rare for us. But as it turns out, the kids are gone at school every morning, so even though we can't go get dinner every often, we can go get breakfast! 

A few weeks ago we went to a great little place called Rozmarin Cafe, where we had the best English Breakfast ever. 

Seriously, eggs cooked to perfection, the best mushrooms I've ever had (and I don't even like mushrooms), grilled tomatoes and baaaaaaacon. Mmmmm,

Good food and good company! 


Loïe said…
So cute!I'm glad you found a nice place! :)
ivrcti said…
You're such a cute couple!

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