April (snow) Showers

I'm not sure where the end of April and the beginning of May went! Oh wait, I do--I was finishing my very busy semester and Jesse was wrapping up teaching! It was quite a doozy of a month and now I'm not quite busy enough with school but very busy procrastinating making plans for moving this fall. 

Here's just a few snippets from that time period:

Niko made tiny clay planets after going to the planetarium with his preschool class:

I showed him pictures and he made them all himself!

At the end of April, Chisinau got a crazy 2 day snowstorm (and probably 10 inches of snow). It would have been fine if the sap in the trees hadn't already started flowing--but it had been so warm already that the snow froze so many tree branches and they broke! If I heard correctly, they had to declare a state of emergency and bring in the local equivalent of the national guard to clean up all of the debris. It was crazy! 

Final random tidbit: Niko figured out how to do a handstand on the wall and wanted to demonstrate. 

Also, he hasn't done one since so I wonder if he's forgotten he can?


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