2014 memories

A few days ago, upon finally taking down the Christmas decorations, we decided to get out our memory jar from the last year and see what it held! (Last year's post: here)

This year I was feeling whimsical and wanted to make it a party, so we grabbed some Krispy Kreme doughnuts and put some candles in them, then sang Happy New Year To You (to the tune of Happy Birthday), which our Niko got a kick out of. Then, we blew out the candles and enjoyed the doughnuts while we read the happenings of the last year :)

I have to say, this year there were TONS more memories of funny things Niko said or did, and it was really cool to see how his language skills developed over the year (seeing what simple things he'd say in January verses complex silly thoughts in December, etc). Looking back, he definitely brought a lot of joy into our lives this year :) Also, I've realized it's a good thing we write these things down, because I had forgotten so many of them!!!

I've picked a few of our favorites (it was so hard to narrow down!) so I'll just intersperse them with some poorly-lit pictures of our celebration ;)

January 22:

Nikolai, at 6 am: Daddyyyyy!! Mommyyyyyyy! A BABY!!!!!!!!

(translation: don't you guys remember you have a kid AWAKE over here?!?)

January 29: 

Nikolai heard the word "cake" on tv and started asking for cake. We put him off and the next thing I knew, he had walked up to where I was sitting (on the ground), took my face in his little hands so I was looking at him and very carefully said "CAKE."

March 3:

"Let's make a deal--anytime someone throws up, we'll stop and take care of it."

-Jesse, on our road trip to Niagara falls (during which Niko threw up in the car)

March 13: 

Jesse: *sigh*

Catherine: Is that a sad sigh?

Jesse: Yup. It's because I'm in love with a crazy person.
You're not crazy. Russia is.

Catherine: Write that down.

May 31:

Jesse is putting Niko to bed, so I ask Niko to blow me a kiss. He walks over, puts his mouth on my mouth, and blows.

June 16:

(after Nikolai made me laugh so hard I was crying)

Niko (pointing to her tears): Mama sad?

Catherine: No, mama happy!

Niko: Mama sad?! (Still pointing, more concerned than before)

Catherine (laughing even harder): No...mama....happy!

Niko (very seriously): No. Mama sad. 

August 1:

Nikolai held a scrap of fabric as a mustache above his lip and said, "Nik-lai Jesus!"

August 22: 

Catherine: Thank you, sweetie pie!

Nikolai: Nik-lai not a pie. Nik-lai just Nik-lai.

September 23: 

(singing songs while putting Niko to bed)

Nikolai: You're a good singer.

Catherine: Oh, thank you sweetie! *kisses forehead*

As soon as I leaned back, he says:

Nikolai: You no eat my carrots.

(this was perhaps in reference to some carrots he had left uneaten downstairs, though the timing was bizarre! ;D)

October 5:

Nikolai (handing Jesse a scrap of paper): Here a ticket for a good sleep.

Jesse (laughing): Why, thank you sir!

Nikolai (very seriously): I not a sir. I just a kid. 

November 14:

(It's 10:40 pm and Niko has been "asleep" for 2 hours or so, when we suddenly hear him making some sort of truck sound upstairs. We both sigh.)

Jesse: It's like a lunatic lives upstairs!

December 25:

(Whilst putting together a dinosaur puzzle with Nikolai)

Jesse: Isn't it wonderful to think how terrifying chickens used to be? 

Here's to a new year full of many more happy and silly memories!


Maren said…
I'm pretty sure I commented on your 2013 post saying what a good idea this is and how I was going to start doing it but I totally didn't...but I really need to because this is adorable. I love that you guys had a little party for it. The quote about Russia cracked me up. I could see Patrick saying the same thing about China. The boys are at such a great age for funny quotes.
ivrcti said…
This was a fantastic idea. I think it should be a new family tradition!
julis said…
I think you are all fantastically cute, and I love you to pieces. (I not a pie, I just a Nik-lai).

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