Virginia Beach!

Because we were going to be in Virginia for a whole week, we decided to take a day and head to the beach! 

We haven't been to the beach since Niko was super small (after Megan's wedding) and Jesse had never been to the Atlantic ocean, so it was a fun day for all of us! 

Nikolai got a huge kick out of seeing the biggest sand box ever, and, on top of that, getting to mix sand and water and rub the concoction in his hair and not even get in trouble! He also REALLY loved the waves:

We all had a lot of fun building in the sand (well, the grown-ups would build and the tots would tear it down, but you know).

Nikolai also really liked being buried in the sand:

Our greatest feat of the day was building a little tide pool.  The tide and the boys kept knocking it down but we kept building it up, and I must say, I'm pretty proud of what we all accomplished!

We had such a lovely day!


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