The end

On our last day and a half in Williamsburg, we really tried to pack in all in and see everything!

We really liked the brickyard, where we got to help knead the mud with our feet.

Nikolai didn't want to get in at first (here he is holding up his legs while Jesse tries to get him in):

But he soon took to it with gusto:

I don't have any pictures of this, but two of our favorite events were tours around a plantation and around Williamsburg that talked about slavery in both the colonies and in Williamsburg. We both learned a lot of new information and found them both very eye-opening. If you ever find yourself in Williamsburg, don't miss these tours! We felt like they really completed the experience for us.

The capital building was another favorite:

And we were all mesmerized by the weaving shop (seriously, they make plants into clothes! It is magic!).

As usual, the boys had lots of fun in the gardens (side note: can you tell how sweaty Niko is here? He was SO sweaty the whole time! Poor lad!)

On the way back to the car at the end of a long day, Nikolai fell asleep in the stroller with his tri-corner hat:

You guys, this was definitely our favorite family trip yet (though, frankly, we just like being together so EVERY family trip is better than the last). If you ever get a chance (and are nerdy like us), definitely take some time and visit some of our country's past! It's awesome!


julis said…
I love that Niko's clutching his tri corner hat in his sleep! I also love that he has a good little friend. Those pictures of the two of them are adorable.
Timothy said…
Fun trip! I want to goooo!
Unknown said…
This sounds like such a great trip! That Niko is SO CUTE!! I am so happy that you have such great friends with a friend for Niko too!

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