Silly Niko/Happy Niko

Silly Niko:

Last week when my mom was here, we caught Niko walking around in the empty laundry sack. 

Little green monster! 

Happy Niko:

After checking with tons of stores, we finally found one that had cheap little plastic kiddie pools.  Nikolai thought it was the best! 

I couldn't resist dipping my toes either.

Let me tell ya, if this Michigan summer thing ever really happens this year (it's been extremely mild so far!) then we are gonna love using this baby! 


ivrcti said…
I can just picture you now in August, when the apartment is warm, sharing the kiddie pool with Niko and a cold fruit drink smoothie!
julis said…
I so much prefer those little plastic pools to the blow up ones! They last and last, and you don't have to keep blowing them up. But they are harder to find now, so I'm glad they still have some in Ann Arbor. I would totally buy one to dip my feet in on hot summer days!

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