A long while ago, we went camping

Last month (almost a month ago now!) we got together a group of people and went camping again! It was a little rainy that evening, which I was worried about, but there was plenty of treecover and our friends were great sports so it ended up being great!

One brilliant friend had the idea to make corn on the cob over the campfire, which turned out AMAZING. 

Other friends brought salad, hotdogs, vegetables, etc :) It was a fun and yummy dinner! 

The little boys had SO much fun wandering around:

Not long after dinner, the s'mores came out. We got a little creative and made cookie s'mores and brownie s'mores--and let me tell you, they were awesome!!!

Sometimes the little boys went wandering. We found Jesse bringing two of them back (he had been wandering with them):

I thought the campfire coals were especially beautiful.

Sleeping in the tents went fine for most of us (though I think one toddler had a rough time of it) and we all woke up in the morning fresh and ready for a little hike. 

We found this gorgeous (though admittedly mosquito infested!) trail a little ways from our campsite and gave it a go. 

It had been super wet out, and the water on the foliage was gorgeous! 

So was this view. I could drink in that sight every day. 

Nikolai loved running around in the woods (though he got more mosquito bites than all of us!).

We had such a lovely time! Thanks for camping with us, friends! 


ivrcti said…
First brownie smores are pure genius!

Also the way I see it, 3 little boys wandered away, one just happened to be taller than the other two!
Maren said…
God people and gorgeous views, sounds like Michigan. :)

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