A birthday!

Also when my mom was here, I finally turned the ripe old age of 25. A quarter of a century! Am I officially a grown-up now? (I still don't feel like one)

Anyways, we had a really lovely icecream cake and a quiet evening at home with family.

Jesse is always so clever when it comes to my birthday, and this year he didn't disappoint. He decided to give me a Russian birthday this year, in which he showed me an old Russian cartoon with the Russian happy birthday song.  In the song, they tell that a wizard will come in a blue helicopter and give you a present and 3 wishes.

Lo and behold, a wizard in a helicopter appeared!

Not pictured: Jesse, holding a blue sock (aka Wizard's hat) on his head, presenting me with a book for a present and three wishes (one wish for myself, one wish for us to do together, and one wish for me to do less of [aka, chores that Jesse would start doing for me]). 

Honestly, my sweet silly husband doing a Russian dance and pretending to be a wizard with a blue sock on his head made all the presents and wishes in the world unnecessary. I laughed and cried and had such a lovely day!

Thanks Jesse, mom, and Niko, for sharing that day with me! I love you so! 


Maren said…
Happy birthday! Sounds like a pretty good day :)
melissa said…
i want a birthday wizard, too! that jesse sure is a funny monkey. i'm glad you had a happy birthday!

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