Silly Niko

In this week's edition of Silly Niko:

1. I notice Niko go to the kitchen out of the corner of my eye. He opens the fridge door (a common occurrence), and, excitedly says, "more juice!"  Before I can react he pulls the mostly-full pitcher of juice down off the top shelf, dumping it all over himself, the inside of the fridge and onto the floor.  

And obviously, I took a picture of the carnage before cleaning it up:

2.  As I was putting on my makeup before church, Niko ran up and took my mascara.  Now, this is usually the one thing I won't let him have, but this morning Jesse and I were discussing something and I let him hold it, thinking I'd watch him to make sure he couldn't open it.  Apparently our conversation was engrossing because suddenly we looked around and realized Niko wasn't in the room anymore.  We found him hiding under his crib, face adorned in waterproof black mascara. 

Luckily, he didn't get it on his clothes or poke himself in the eye--we were able to clean up the rest of it with makeup remover and weren't even late for church!

3. Apparently Jesse and I have involved discussions really often, because yesterday we looked up from talking to see Niko in the kitchen, sitting in the bottom cabinet drawer:

I know my camera settings were all off in the above photo but I still really love it! 

Let it be known that he was making car noises while he sat in it. 

Hey Niko, I think you're getting sillier by the day!


Michele said…
I love the drawer ones! They are great photos and he is just too cute! I love little boys.
melissa said…
jack did the exact same thing with juice when i was watching him a couple weeks ago. silly mcwilly.

but niko in a drawer is pretty awesome.
Anna said…
I love the top drawer picture. It's magical. Rachel used to do that at Wymount when she was tiny. sigh! so cute!
Anonymous said…
Fascinating! I take it that a) he's learning about the strength of gravity on large, fluid objects 2) he wants to be like his beloved mother and 3) he's got a vivid imagination. In all a wonderful experience as long as you keep your sense of humor!

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