Make your own Easter grass with leftover dye

After we dyed eggs, it seemed like such a waste to just dump the dye out--all that pretty color, wasted! So instead, I decided to dye some computer paper and make it into easter grass! (I had been planning on making my own easter grass anyways and this was  the perfect excuse)

This is pretty straightforward (or you could just make up your own way!) but I made a tutorial anyways! 

Step 1: Crumple up a bunch of sheets of computer paper (I used 6 sheets per basket, but I'd probably use 8 to make it fuller)

Step 2: Dunk half the paper in the first color, then shake off the excess dye over the sink. 

Step 3: Dunk the other half of the paper in the second color, then shake off the excess dye. 

Step 4: Tape the soaked paper above the sink by a dry corner and let dry (I dyed the sheets in batches based on how many I could fit over my sink at one time!). 

Step 5: When your sheets are dry, smooth them out and fold them like a fan, making the individual folds about 1/2" wide (I just evenly folded the paper in half, then quarters, eighths, etc until I had it folded small enough).

Step 6: Cut dyed paper fans into 1/4" inch wide strips. 

At this point I recommend putting on a fun tv show or movie--this part will take you a little bit ;)

When you've got all your sheets cut, put them in your basket!

Ta-da! You've made your own lovely Easter grass!


julis said…
you're so (I can't find the right word: frugal, but not just; recyclable, but not you, the paper; creative, for sure; fun! yes, that's it.) FUN!
ivrcti said…
Wonderfully creative!!
Maren said…
Cool idea! I love ideas like this.

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