Easter Egg Hunt

Last Saturday Nikolai had his first Easter egg hunt! That morning I was coming down with what I'd later recognize to be a stomach flu but we went all the same, and Nikolai had a grand time.  I think he thought I was kinda weird for telling him to pick up a bunch of plastic eggs and put them in his basket, but all the other kids were doing it so he played along!

I like to think he was thinking "What a weird game mom has devised for me this morning. Ah well, I'll do it anyways."

Later, when we sat down and he found out that there was stuff inside the eggs (mostly stickers, thank heavens, but some candy and chocolate!) then he got really excited about the little venture.  

Funny how an activity that I'm sure took lots of preparation and planning by the ladies at church was over in less then 2 minutes, but it was definitely something we enjoyed all the same! Thanks for the hard work, preparers! 


ivrcti said…
This is adorable. Thank you so much for capturing it!
Jill said…
so cute!! I did my internship with Provo City Parks and Rec and we put on a city easter egg hunt. We filled 15,000 eggs (took several weeks) and it was over in what seemed like seconds. It was so incredibly chaotic! It is a weird tradition!

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