Silly Niko/Sweet Niko

In this week's edition of silly niko/sweet niko: 

A jam faced boy:

A little boy who loves balloons and magical heating vents:

And a little boy who missed his nap (due to a dr's appt during his normal nap) who fell asleep next to me on the couch, then fell over when I got up:

Ack! So cute!! I've always thought other people's kids looked sooooo cute when they fell asleep random places but thought Niko would never get that tired without me noticing, but he did! And it was adorable.  He also stayed asleep while I took him upstairs, showed Jesse how cute/asleep he was, changed his diaper, put him in footie pjs, and put him in bed.  That kid was OUT!

We love you Niko!


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