Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming!

Two days after Thanksgiving, we decorated for Christmas! I must say, it's really nice to have all our decorations out :D 

First, one of my friends had the awesome idea to write a Christmas hymn/song on each link of a Christmas chain, and then to sing one each day until Christmas! 

Here, we hung it up next to our stockings:

We hung up our advent calendar too, and between the singing and scripture reading and candy eating (I might have gone a little overboard with advent calendar candy this year...;D) we're feeling very Christmas-y!

We set up the tree too:

Yay!  Our tree is small (perfect for our small apartment) but we really like it.  And bonus: Nikolai hasn't broken any ornaments yet! YAY!


ivrcti said…
Your tree is beautiful! I wish ours were up too!
Anna said…
I think we have the same keyboard! FTW!

Nothing makes me feel more Christmas-y than seeing trees all aglow. LOVE IT.
melissa said…
i like your advents. and your tiny tree. we're going to get ours today, hooray!

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