Nikolai is starting to be interested in letters!  For awhile he called them all "Two!" but lately they're all Js or Os.  
Anyways, back before NaNo when I had a lot of time, I sewed him this little alphabet chart with pockets for pictures of words, and last week we sat down with his alphabet blocks and did some matching!  

He actually wasn't too bad--if we pointed to a small area he could actually match them pretty well! 

Anyways, it was really, really cute, and we were so pleased that he's already interested in letters! (Can you tell he's the child of bibliophiles?!)

Another new Niko-ism is his interest in coloring! 

Well, I should qualify that statement.  He's not actually interested in coloring books, but lately he'll ask us to draw something (by "ask" I mean he goes "rawr!" so we'll draw a tiger or dinosaur, or "choo choo" so we'll draw a train) and THEN he'll be interested in coloring it! 

It's actually become a really sweet thing that Jesse and Niko do in the evenings, and I always really like looking over to see them drawing together. 

Also, aren't Jesse's little sketched dinosaurs awesome?!  (I didn't bother to include photos of mine...they are not very impressive ;D)

Thanks for wanting to draw with us, Nikolai!


melissa said…
Jesse's always been good at drawing!
Anna said…
So cute!! Wesley's favorite letter is 'o' he's always so excited to point them out.

Jesse's dinosaurs are majorly impressive. So sweet to see the scribbles on top.
Cheryl said…
I love it that he likes to learn. Good drawing Jesse!
ivrcti said…
He seems to take after his parents!
Maren said…
R is obsessed with the alphabet. It's so cute. That's a cool idea with the chart.

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