I know I've told you we did some painting before, but recently we tried it again and it was a smashing success! 

I was doing some watercolor for some etsy tags (that I put on the orders I send) and Nikolai reeeeallly wanted to help, so we got out the fingerpaints and a brush and let him go at it. 

He had never used a bristle brush before (just a sponge brush) but his control was really good!

Look at that face up there.  That is an artist in embryo. 

I always have to remind myself that my child is capable of far more focus and carefulness than I give him credit. He had a really fun time and was trying very hard not to make a mess.  Thanks for being our little artist, buddy!


Anna said…
Oh my gosh, his little FACE!!
Doug & Charisse said…
He is so stinkin adorable!!!
bearydiane said…
His face.... oh how I miss this cutie pie!!
Messy Musings said…
An artist - just like his mommy!!
Maren said…
That is really impressive. Love his artist face.

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