Monday, July 30, 2012

Adventures in food

Nikolai turned 6 months old last Monday so we finally made the leap into the wonderful world of feeding him grown up people food! (aka "solids") 

With advice from our pediatrician, I've decided to do a relaxed introduction to solids.  This usually amounts to mashing up some of whatever we're eating and seeing if Nikolai will eat it, although I did take some time the other day and puree some different fruits and veggies especially for him.  So far it's going pretty well, except....well, to be frank and honest, Nikolai's poor little body doesn't quite know what to do with solids yet and he's a bit stopped up if you know what I mean. We're getting through it but in the meantime it makes for a cranky baby during the day and restless sleep for all of us at night.  

But let me tell you, it's pretty exciting to introduce our little buddy to food! I didn't realize how much I liked food til I noticed how excited I was to have him taste all sorts of different things.  And it doesn't hurt that he's pretty dang cute when he eats! 

Exhibit A: Bean puree mustache

(That one kills me every time.)

Exhibit B: all curled up in his high chair (that can't be good for his digestion! ;D)

Exhibit C: Drinking from a cup! (which he LOVES doing, by the way! Weird, huh?)

(and watch this segway here)
Exhibit D: Discovering the baby in the mirror and wanting to know how he tastes?

Nikolai Nikolai he's our man, if he can't do it no one can! Goooooo Nikolai! Eaaaaaat solids! 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

he's not crawling yet

but he sure is mobile!

witness the action:

things Nikolai does



(so pleased to be sitting in the grocery cart for the first time (albeit very propped up))




Jesse plays on a city league softball team with some of his coworkers.

Nikolai and I watch.

He swings. 

He scores!

They won!

(every Tuesday night, baby! Well, they play every Tuesday, they don't win every Tuesday...but we all have fun regardless!)

Veni Vidi Vici

We are blessed to have some really good friends.  
Unfortunately, some of these really good friends are moving soon.
Fortunately, one of those good friends is very very clever and planned a wonderful trip for us all so we could have a last hurrah before they left! 
(Thanks Kylie!)

So this past weekend, we went to Moab, UT and conquered Arches National Park.  
(We also conquered the most beautiful aspen grove in the La Sal mountains, but I forgot to post pictures of that! Please take my word for it)

We looked at a lot of BIG arches
(fact: they are also sometimes called "windows."  Go figure.)

Nikolai was happy most of the time...

...well, as happy as a six month old baby can be in 95+ degree heat!
 (really, considering the circumstances, he was quite amiable!)

There were some cool rocks.  
I think this one looks like it's a head sticking out its tongue! 


On the the first day of hiking we got rained out, but it was ok because the weather the next day was PERFECT for hiking!

We saw some AWESOME petroglyphs.  
(doesn't it look like the big man is casting a weird spell on the other man's head?  well, that's what it looks like to me.  what does it look like to you?)

(that's what those white marks are)

There were a lot of other awe-inspiring sights to be seen. 

For instance, life finding a way to live in a barren desert. 

That tree is growing out of a rock, for heaven's sake! 
(As a former easterner, I'm always impressed by how life finds a way to live out here where it is SO DRY. I'm always like "good job, plant! You're growing in a desert! You're great!" Anyways.)

And: The famous Delicate Arch that's featured on the Utah license plate! 
(There's a reason it's on the license plate: it is DANGED AWESOME in person)

Nikolai occasionally got too hot in his frontpack, so we took turns putting him on our shoulders, which it turns out he LOVES. 

But it also turns out that it's a good place from which to eat his daddy's ear! 


It was a fun adventure to take as a little family, but an even better adventure to take with the awesome Burgeners! 

Oh hey, for more pictures of our adventure, please check out Kylie's blog!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

thursday update

We haven't been up to much lately.  Mostly I take care of Nikolai and try and keep the house from turning into a total wreck. (Usually I fail, but I try!)  

But I AM training for the Big Cottonwood half marathon!  I started training last week and I'm doing pretty well! I've gotten faster since I started and it's getting easier to get myself out the door. The first few days it was hard to want to get started so Jesse was kind enough to run with me.  (He even pushed Nikolai in the running stroller! For 4 miles! What a trooper!) 

This photo is after our run.  Notice I'm all red and Jesse looks normal.  Gotta love my runner husband. 
(Also, that's the last photo taken of his beard! I miss it so)

And with no further ado, here's some Nikolai updates: 

(he's 5 1/2 months old now)

Starting to sit on his own! He still falls over, but he can stay up longer now.

Mama's fingers are still delicious.

And so are his toes! 

(So flexible!)

Sunday, July 8, 2012


I got a camera that takes videos for my birthday (my fancy-dancy camera is too famcy/old to do video so my kind parents remedied that for me on my birthday) so now you shall be bombarded with videos of our boy! (which is the only reason I wanted a camera that does videos)

This week Nikolai has begun mouthing--we're not sure if he's imitating talking or eating or what, but it sure is cute!


Just today, he modified the mouth smacking by adding tongue clicking! 


And here is finally a video of his sweet sweet laughing! Also, sticking his tongue out :)


And a new trick: Jesse can make him laugh from across the room! 


If you watched those, thanks for indulging me.  This is for posterity so I've got to be honest!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Did I ever tell you

that I started an etsy shop?  Motherhood leaves me with a lot of downtime so I make things to make that downtime a little more meaningful.  I make too many things to use myself, so I decided to try my hand at selling them on etsy.  In case you're curious, my etsy website is

And if I didn't tell you that, then I most certainly didn't tell you that I made my first sale a few weeks ago! 

(side note: I was so excited when I found out that I ran and told Jesse--but he was in the shower so my excited screaming was muffled by the water and might have sounded like someone was breaking in.)

Proudly presenting: the first thing I ever sold! 

It's a riff on a quote from J.R.R. Tolkien and I embroidered it on some thick linen with some hobbit-esque mountains on the bottom.  

I packaged it up and mailed it off the next day!

And just last night, I had a second sale! 

Ahh, grautious Doctor Who quotes :) 

I know I haven't sold much compared to other sellers, but mostly it's nice to know 1) that other people like the things I make and 2) that I'm not wasting my time when I sit down and craft.  (although Jesse would argue that if it's satisfying it's not a waste even if it doesn't sell, but it certainly feels like less of a waste if it sells! ;D)

Now I just need to find a way to get my non-nerdy/geeky things to sell! ;)

These pictures have nothing in common

Photo dump!

A few weeks ago, Jesse and I went to the Utah Arts Festival.

It was cool! 


People on stilts "riding" dragon puppets!

Rosemary and olive oil gelato! (it's artsy and delicious ;D)

unrelated: we bought blueberries from bountiful baskets!
the real kicker: 12 6 oz clamshells only cost us $14! If I had bought that many at Smith's it would have cost us $48.  Nutso!
the best part: blueberries freeze awesomely so we're going to have delicious blueberry smoothies, ice cream, and baked goods all summer long.  Win!

even more unrelated: my sister is getting married!

My mom and I threw her a bridal shower. 

(this photo is so you can see the decorations I made...)

we had a great time!