In which I walk to class in Tübingen

It's 8:30 (well, ideally--usually it's more like 8:35, if I'm being honest) when I head out the door to go to class. 

First off, I am greeted by our street (Katharinenstraße!) and some bikes, naturally. 

I walk down a little street,

pass some cool houses,

check out some pretty flowers,

pass another sweet house, 

and arrive at the little river/brook/creek.

I walk along the river for a nice long while.

Mmm, pretty!

Pass bridge number one,

check out my belly (yep, still there! and only that big because of the perspective, have no fear!)

pass bridge number two,

say hello to some ducks,

and arrive at my bridge!

Cross the bridge, 

turn right, and head down into the tunnel under the road.  Be careful to stay on the left though--the right side is for bikes!

Come out of the tunnel, and be greeted by a graffiti Kirby! Hi Kirby!

Cross some streets at the light, but be careful to stay out of the bike lane portion of the sidewalk. 

Say hello to the cheeky mannequin in the department store window, 

and head up the bridge crossing the Neckar river. 

Mmmm. River.

And a glimpse of the old city!

Pass another Kirby! (He's quite popular here, apparently?)

And then up a little hill between some ancient retaining walls.


When you reach the Deutsche Bank, you're almost there!

Pass a bakery, 

bookstore number one,

bookstore number two,

bookstore number three,

and another bakery, and then we're almost there! (Can you see why we like this town?) 

(Random: this bakery is apparently represented by a little goblin-creature?  I tried to look up what a "Keimling" is but it just says "seedling" or something, which sounds odd.  Any ideas?  It's strange, anyways!)

And we made it! Yaaaaay! 

(A brief note: this walk actually only takes 20-25 minutes, even though it took me 31 pictures to show you...)

So that's it folks! I sure enjoy my walk to and from school every day, and I hope you did too :)


Jess Stricklan said…
But when I walk it, I'm usually late for our lunch date so I can do it in 17 minutes in a pinch... though I see less than you. :D
Kylie said…
Pretty, except I will probably have nightmares from that mannequin now! Glad you're enjoying yourselves!
Anna said…
Kirby is so gangsta!

I think the Seedling guy looks like he has leaves for ears.
Loïe said…
When I first saw the Keim mascot, I remembered this post!! I love that guy! Some friends pointed out to me that he is probably a wheat sprout, since it's a bakery. I still think he looks like a goblin, and I still think he's hilarious. I went to the bakery with a friend, and she mentioned that they put your purchase in a bag WITH HIM ON IT. I was so excited! So now I have a sweet souvenir with the Keimling on it!!!!!!

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