Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I realized I must be in California

Some things I encountered on our trip to California:

We went to California for Jesse's brother Andy's wedding, but my little camera ran out of batteries right before the reception and I didn't want bring my big camera. But this kind of sums it up:

peace, love, marriage,

Monday, February 15, 2010

The only thing that I know the only thing I know is I don’t know a thing

Today, I am posting my very first ever TUTORIAL. Yep, you heard me right. I'm gonna show you how to crochet these:

Little five petaled flowers that look like those cookies you wore as rings on your fingers during snack time in elementary school. Or at least, I did.


Here's the instructions. Just a quick disclaimer though: you're going to kinda need to know how to crochet already, but I'll include links as to how to do each stich so you can maybe learn too!

1) Make a loop

3) Connect the loops into a circle via a slip stitch

4) Chain 2

5) Double Crochet inside the circle
6) Chain 1

7) Triple Crochet inside the circle
8) Double crochet inside the circle

9) Chain 2

10) Attach to the circle with a slip stitch

Petal 1 out of 5 is done! Repeat steps 4 to 10 four more times.

Be sure to push the petals together on the ring so you have enough space
for all 5 petals.
11) Once finished attaching petal 5 to the ring, cut the yarn off about an inch from
the last loop and pull it to the back side of the flower (where the string from the beginning is)

12) Tie the two strings together, making sure they stay on the backside,
then cut the ends off short
And now you have a flower!!!

I sewed a couple of mine together and used some bobby pins to put them in my hair. You can also put them on a headband, just bobby pin one into your hair, or whatever.
If anyone tries this, let me know! If not, it was fun to post it anyways :)

peace, love, crocheting is my favorite,

* title credit: I don't know a thing by Lucy Schwartz.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

"And I beg you, most fervently, to relieve my suffering, and become my wife." -Mr. Darcy

Yes, we are watching Pride and Prejudice. The BBC version. Yes. The 5 hour one. And when I suggested it to Jesse, he went "Ooooooh!" And I don't think he said that just cause he thought I wanted to watch it. He is the best husband ever.

Just a few pictures. They're pretty self explanatory, so I'll just leave it at that.

Yeah, our life is pretty awesome.

peace, love, mawwage,

Friday, February 12, 2010

But I still crave that sound

Yep, I'm still listening to Vampire Weekend. Not as obsessively, but still pretty often.

Well, this is late news, but last weekend Andy came down and hung out with us for the weekend. He's been writing some pretty sweet music lately, so he had Jesse and I help instrumentalize some of it. It was pretty sweet, cause I got to bust out my violin again (for the first time in probably a year!) and Jesse got out his guitar and played around figuring out some chords that fit in with it.

It was pretty much the awesomest thing I've gotten to do in a long time.
Yes, I made another headband. This one is BLUE.

It's probably the simplest one I've made yet. It's just rows of double crochets hooked in to just one of the loops of the crochet below it, making it looser and softer feeling. The hardest part, oddly enough, was tapering it. It's pretty easy to make it get wider, but quite a bit harder to make it get narrower at the other end without looking stair-steppy and such. I spent quite a while trying things out and then undoing it until I found a way to do it that I liked. Not that any of this means anything to those of you who don't crochet! Except that if I ever try to teach making headbands to anyone, it'll probably be this one.
And a six petaled flower! This is the first six petaled one I've done, and the first one with a round center that wasn't just a point. I like the center on this one better and I'll probably start making all my flowers more like this model.

Also, I'm thinking about making more of these and selling them on Etsy. But by the time I make them and get them posted, the trend will probably be over. So we'll see.

It's mostly just exciting to be crocheting things for once that are not just scarves or blankets. It makes me feel so crafty!

And I like feeling crafty.

peace, love, craftiness,

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I see you shine in your way; go on, go on, go on.

Oh my holy wow. Vampire Weekend's new album is Uh-May-Zing. They are insanely awesome and have the WHOLE thing streaming on their website for FREEE!!!!!


I have not been this addicted to a cd in a long time. You should too!

peace, love, awesome music,

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Let her dance let her dance let her dance

Hola! Here is some evidence of how my time has been spent lately.

Thursday was my sweet Jesse's 23rd birthday! And as such, I threw him a surprise birthday party. It was great! There was cake,
and games, and presents, and awesomeness. It was great.

These are the headbands I have been making!

This first one I made last week. The flowers are kinda interesting cause they were mostly just an experiment, but I'm still pretty pleased with it.
This one I made today! The flower is 5 petaled, three layers...yeah, not too crazy. It's a lot better than the ones on the first headband, cause I figured out how to do the layers and such better...the headband itself is crocheted looser so it's less stiff. This one is broader too. The ones I saw people wearing on campus were wider than the one I made first and I realized--it's cause the wider ones keep your ears warm!!! So this one should do that better.

In other news, last night Jesse and I just stayed in and watched movies. We hadn't had dinner and weren't really hungry but were really munchy so we aaaaaate aaaaaa......
Es war wunderbar :)

The END!

peace, love, love, love, love,

*title provided by the Bobby Fuller Four

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And that's not all, woah, there will be snacks, there will.

Jesse and I have been married for a little over a month now, and I have learned more things than I ever thought possible. These are not all related to being married. In fact, most of them aren't. But I've still learned them! Anyways.

So here, for your reading pleasure, is a list of them, in no particular order, as I think of them.

1. Jesse frequently forgets to put the toilet seat down, even though he claims he never forgets (he thinks I'm exaggerating).

2. Life before microwaves was a dark time. [we have learned this because we are as of right now, still microwaveless]. Our parents were brave people.

3. Jesse both sometimes looks like Jude Law, and also sometimes has dinosaur hair.


See what I'm talkin bout?

4. You can't really get irritated without it hurting someone when you're married. Before, it was ok(-er) if I got mad about something dumb and vented about it. But being irrational and stubborn now hurts Jesse, cause he tries to fix it. Or, I take it out on him. I'm learning a sort of self control I've never needed before. It's both a challenge and fascinating.

5. Doing dishes is less menial when you both pitch in and when you turn on music and have a little dance party during and after. This is a tradition we hope to keep alive and well throughout our marriage!

6. It is impossible to keep every room in the apartment clean at the same time. There's only five of them and two of us, but man! Crazy bidness! (this is my latest favorite phrase. It translates literally to "Crazy business" but means something more like "that's crazy/not good/hard.)
7. When you're only taking 11 credits, even if you're working 19 hours a week (almost the max I can work on campus), the long afternoons spent husbandless are still long. And it is still hard to do homework even though you have SO MUCH TIME!

8. When you have so much time on your hands but don't want to read that chapter for music civ, you come up with creative ways around it. Like:

8a. Crocheting blankets, hot pads, headbands, and flowers.

8b. Reading a LOT. I think I'm on 4 books in the past 2 weeks. In the ballpark of 1,500 pages.

9. Marriage is so wonderful because it's about work. We work to make sure the other person has something to eat when they come home, we go to work so that we can afford to eat, we hug each other at the end of the day and talk about how the day went, we work through little annoyances and human imperfections so we can have more peaceful hugs, more exciting date nights out and more quiet Discovery channel nights in, more happy breaking it down to Coldplay in the livingroom moments. If we didn't work for it, we couldn't be happy.

Well, I had thought of a lot more things the past few days while I was rolling this over in my head but I didn't write them down so they're gone. That just means I'll have to continue this when I remember them!

peace, love, learning is good,

*The title of this blog is brought to you by Andrew Bird's Tables and Chairs*