Pizza Picnic Painting Pushing Daisies!

This weekend, we started a project.

Our table was lovely, but the varnish was coming off in places and a sticker had gotten stuck to it so we decided to sand it down and paint it! It was tan before, and the chairs had green railings and tan/varnished seats.

About fifteen hours and lots of sweat and paint on body parts later....

It was finished!

Monday night we got a pizza for dinner because without the table, we had no counter space to cook anything. So we had a pizza picnic outside, then watched the lovely show Pushing Daisies while we worked.

The finished project! I like the kind of country cottage look it has, don't you?

See my shorts? I'm not very good at not getting paint on myself while I'm working...

Kinda cool huh? I'm really proud of it.

Really really proud :D


Kathryn said…




I'd be proud too :)
Awesome job guys! Our table is sitting half-painted in the spare bedroom. If only we were as efficient as you...
Aaron Sebright said…
I love it! Your guys are so clever.

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