Leona 6 months

Well well well, here we are just 6 days after Leona turned 6 months, and I'm blogging already? What is happening?? 

Leona at 6 months is SO GREAT. She learned to do a whole lot this month, and I can't wait to tell you about it!

Sleeping patterns: Leona is....almost sleeping through the night. By which I mean, I think we're waking her up and we need to move her into Miriam's room ASAP! She goes to bed around 9 and wakes up at 6:30 on weekdays and more like 7-7:30 on weekends. She takes 2 long-ish naps and sometimes 1 short nap during the day.

Eating habits: This baby LOVES food and will not hesitate to tell you about it if she thinks you should be sharing! She still breastfeeds and drinks plenty of milk (I'm pumping 12-15 oz at work and feeding her 3-4 times a day at home--we're a good team!) 

New discoveries I made: Leona can and does put EVERYTHING in her mouth! She thinks this is very entertaining (especially paper, which she's scary good at chowing down on)

My accomplishments: Leona learned to crawl this month!!!!  It's been coming for weeks and then one day she just figured it out. She is now into EVERYTHING. Nothing is safe. Nothing.

Places I went: A family trip to the aquarium, to daycare, and to church. Also lots of various errands, but they hardly count!

Special memories: There's been so many happy moments where Leona catches sight of one of her siblings and bursts into belly-busting giggles. She loves them so much and I'm glad to see they bring her joy! 

Finally, here's a video of Leona when she first started crawling!


Unknown said…
Right now I've been awake all night (9pm-6am) with baby Lyle, so it's nice to know that someday he might sleep in the night.
ivrcti said…
Babies at 6 months change so fast, you can literally watch them learn new things every day. What a joy!
Maren said…
I can't believe she's already crawling! Her night sleep sounds amazing.

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