Leona 5 months

It has yet again been several weeks since Leona turned 5 months! Luckily I DID take pictures of her on the actual day, so now I just have to remember what she was like 2 weeks ago. 

Sleeping patterns: Most of the night from around 9-10 to 5-6 (sometimes fitfully that last hour, and sometimes waking once in the night). She takes a few short naps each day. 

Eating habits: Breastmilk every 2-3 hours, and SOLIDS! Hooray! This baby was more than ready so she got the green light to eat yummy pureed foods. She's loved everything she's tried!

New discoveries I made: Rolling can be a means of transportation, and eating paper is FUN! (just for Leona--the rest of us are concerned!)

My accomplishments: Rolling to get around, eating all the foods, and being generally delightful.

Places I went: Daycare, church, and to Brooklyn to see The Uncles.

Special memories: I put Leona on my shoulders and walked around a little bit, and she grabbed my hair and squealed with joy! 


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