Our pseudo-going away party was something we called the Trollympics, named after our favorite bad movie, Troll 2. We got together with a group of friends that have watched the movie (over and over...) and made up a series of challenges based on some of the ridiculous things that happen in the movie, some of which were: 

Running with milk through the woods
Spear Arnold
Lift weights like Holly
Pull Arnold in his pot
Grandpa Seth smile
Decorate Troll 2 themed cupcakes
Everybody freeze while Joshua walks around for "30 seconds"

Obviously, none of these make sense unless you've watched the movie, but rest assured we are very funny and had a hilarious time. 

Sharon spearing Arnold with her tiny Goblin arm:

Not a great picture, but here's the Arnold we were spearing (with sticks tipped in green paint):

Sarah in the bucket as Arnold, ready to get pulled:

Kevin and Kyra doing the Grandpa Seth smile

Cupcakes decorated with "Provocative" and "Appetizing":

All of the appetizing cupcakes:

And finally, everyone froze like the Waits family does in the movie while I walked around as Joshua for "30 seconds" (aka 1 minute 11 seconds):

It was really fun to see so many of our good friends one last time (many of the rest we got to see on other occasions, thankfully!) and it was fun to be ridiculous while doing it!


Unknown said…
Now THAT is a party! I'm sure that you didn't need a seance to know that we were there in spirit!

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