The Pack

Guys, I cannot believe it has been 3 weeks since we packed and I am just now getting around to posting about it! We had a blissful two weeks afterwards during which we stayed with friends and I had PLENTY of time in which I could have recapped, but I did not. I suppose the time was better spent with friends? Anyhow, that post is up next so I'll write about packing first.

ACTUALLY before I write about packing I have to write about my next-to-last day of work, on which I did my last day of storytime (the theme was "Animal Sounds" and featured a retelling of "Duddle Puck the Puddle Duck" with puppets, because I know you were wondering). My coworker surprised me with handmade cards from many of our storytime kids (she had secretly handed them out on previous weeks and had the kids decorate them and bring them back). I was completely surprised and very moved by both her sweet idea as well as the kids' creativity. The one below was my favorite, from a 3 year old girl named Fynlee who was so much fun.

Alright, sorry for the backtracking. Onwards!

Packing was completely nuts and I slept horribly BUT everything we needed to bring to Moldova fit in our suitcases and carryons without being overweight (pictured below in a state of disrepair as I was packing them) and everything we wanted to keep fit in the storage crate. 

Even some things I was sure we wouldn't have space for fit (like the baby swing, double running stroller and picnic table) and I definitely did a happy dance in the parking lot when it all fit :) 

It's interesting--we moved to Michigan with one child, one car and two storage crates, but we left with  two children, no car (oh yeah! we sold it!), and just one crate. More people and more overall belongings but less storage space meant getting rid of a lot of things--the dining room table, our bed and end tables, and most of my hoarded craft supplies. It was hard to get rid of things we've used and loved for years, but in some ways it was also freeing to be able to say goodbye to them. Many things we sent off for free to friends and neighbors (including many families that were new to our neighborhood and in need of furniture). It felt good to put back into the system where we've gotten so much good, while also being able to keep the things we really loved and couldn't replace (like artwork, my mother's antique hutch, and the kids' matching beds).

Also, after getting rid of so much stuff, it's actually pretty relieving to only have brought 6 suitcases of stuff with us to Moldova. Less to make a mess with, right? ;)


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