The Wait (and Catch Up)

For two weeks after moving, we lived in our friends' large basement (after our apartment contract ended because Jesse had graduated). It was very cozy and we eventually got into a good rhythm with two families in one house (surprisingly enough, it was not the bathroom, but the kitchen that ended up with the most traffic jams!) 

Kids in matching Buzz Lightyear jammies!

For us, it was important to have time to see all of our friends and say goodbye. Our summer was so intense and busy that I felt like we never had time to see the people that made living in Michigan so wonderful, and that made me incredibly sad. So we tried to use those two weeks to the fullest.

Also, for catching up from the exhausting summer.

We went to the Arboretum to play in the mighty mighty Huron (very low this year due to poor rainfall) one last time:

Later that night, I joined a group of friends and we went body surfing down some man-made rapids on the same river. Afterwards, we went out for treats and chatted, and had one of the best nights ever.

We celebrated the Olympics:

And we ate a lot of food with friends (friends not pictured, because I am too shy to ask for photos):

Delicious tomatoes from a friends' garden. Seriously, these were SO GOOD. I want some right now!

The Moldovan flag, rendered in fruits and fondant.

And I finally took the kids to play in the North Campus fountain. They loved it and it was great to see so many friends in one place!

We also took time to say goodbye to the Law School. I didn't spend a lot of time there (though I think Jesse spent more time there than he did at home in the last 3 years! ...ok, almost) but it's a place that represents so much to both of us. Here, Jesse put in some of the hardest work of his life. This is also the place where he came home talking about emphasizing in International Law, and where I pushed him to follow his passion (I guess I pushed pretty hard--now we're in Moldova!) 

As we were leaving, Jesse turned to me and said, "I'm bad at saying goodbyes, which means we'll need to come back to visit." 

I hope we do too. 


Camille Porter said…
I wish you were here to eat some more of our tomatoes.
melissa said…
I still need to go visit that Hogwarts library. I'll go visit when you go visit.
Meg N. said…
That ending made me tear up, even though I'm not the one moving and saying good-bye! I vicariously feel that bittersweet feeling of moving on to good things but having to say good-bye.

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