Spring in our neighborhood

Spring where we live means:

Nikolai and Juwon play in the mud (lots and lots and lots of it):

My little rosebush comes back from it's winter hibernation (and makes me so happy every time!):

EVERYTHING gets covered in dandelions (ok, I know they're a noxious weed, but I just LOVE the sight of all of that lovely green grass interspersed with jolly little spots of yellow!):

It's also the time of year that friends finish school and move away :( But it is also a nice excuse to get our vast community of friends together to see them one last time and wish them well on their new adventures. This time, we tried to take a picture of all of the little 'uns (it went about as well as could be expected):

After this photo, they all started rolling down the hill, and then someone started blowing bubbles. Sounds kinda like an idyllic childhood, amirite?

I am trying not to mourn this too soon (we have 3 more months here!!) but words cannot convey how much I am going to miss this incredible community.


Kyra Moon said…
Ha! I was looking for Joseph and then realized he was just the red hooded figure near the back. No face.
Maren said…
Leaving is really, really hard. You are on to an amazing adventure, though. This is definitely the age of mud, but I feel bad because with the drought out here I don't let R make as much to play in as he would like. I love those dandelion fields!
ivrcti said…
The truly enjoyable things often catch us off guard. I can bet you'll find similarly good people wherever you go in life; I think you attract them!
melissa said…
it's neat that you have a little (big, actually it looks like) group there. i sort of envy that about people who go "away." but the goodbyes aren't fun, no doubt.

and i still like dandelions too.

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