Spring is springing in Michigan!

Babies are smooshing other babies:

Boys are being silly in boots:

And some people are attempting to dress up as Star Wars characters for Star Wars day: 

Other babies are being friendly (mostly):

And some boys are getting very dirty on dirt mounds:

And one little boy went to free comic book day (and had a BLAST) and subsequently wrote his own comic:

The characters are saying "No"* "No" "Yes" and "Science," short for "Science Museum." Later some characters were added that, unsurprisingly, said "No" and "No" 

*The only word Niko can spell without help. It's particularly fitting because it was his very favorite word when he started talking!


melissa said…
Ha. I like that conversation--No, No, Yes, Science. Pretty awesome.
Maren said…
I love that comic. Oh, spring in Michigan!
ivrcti said…
It's wonderful to see you so happy! Are you getting to spend more time with Jesse now?

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