There has been a lot of writing going on in our house lately.  

Exhibit A: Nikolai, practicing writing his name (He's really good at the N and the O but the letters in between give him some trouble)

"Take a picture of me with this on my ear!"

Exhibit B: Jesse is neck deep writing his Master's thesis and a lengthy case study for another class, as well as studying for his very last final ever. His most recent feat of writing was literally cutting apart his thesis and sorting it by sub-topic in order to cut out things that were repeated and shorten the paper overall. It worked--he cut it down by half (from 20,000 to 10,000 words--whew! for reference, 50,000 words is a short novel). 

He's got a draft done of the thesis and has just under 2 weeks to get the rest done. Go Jesse! You can do it! 

p.s. Next time I post about Jesse he will have a MA and a JD next to his name. Yay!


melissa said…
I learned to do that method of literally chopping up papers too, at BYU. It is rather helpful.
julis said…
yay for writing! Writers write (that's what I've always been told), so hurray Writer Niko and Writer Jesse! And how did we find out about all of this? Thanks, Writer Catherine!
ivrcti said…
I'm immensely proud of Jesse. I can only imagine the pressure he's under, but I know he has a great partner to support him!

Did Niko get my card?


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