Grown up things

We are now at less than a month until Jesse graduates and less than a month until I start classes! As such, it's a pretty busy time (Jesse endlessly writing, me trying to keep things at home afloat and preparing for school) full of some pretty grownup things. 

Even though, we've been pretty busy, we've still had enough time most nights to make things for dinner that aren't a Little Caesar's Pizza. Example A: This Spinach, potato, tomato and feta frittata that was eggcellent (*ba dum chhhhh*):

I've also been plowing away at work, trying to respond gently when my coworkers lament "I wish you weren't moving!" On one hand, I have 4 more months! On the other hand, I don't want to leave there either. I love it! 

I finally got to tell the Very Busy Spider with puppets, and I did end up switching from that shiny thread to plain yarn. It didn't get tangled up when I used it and the telling went much smoother. The kids were almost spellbound as they watched the spider build her web, ignoring the animal puppets that came and tried to interrupt her. After, my boss (who had been in the room helping with crowd control) said, "I want you to come be my mom!" It was fun and I'm glad it turned out well. I'm hoping to leave vivid instructions so whoever does storytime there after me can use it again.

A not so grownup thing: my hair is purple! It's actually been purple for some time, and it was pink before that (well, the ends are colorful, not all of it), but I couldn't remember if I had ever mentioned it on here or not. Here's my half-hearted attempt at getting a picture of my purple braids:

And finally, a very very grownup thing: Jesse was published in the Michigan Journal of International Law! HOORAY!!! At long last!!!! 

He started this paper a year and a half ago and has been plowing away at it off and on ever since. I've spent hours reading it for grammar and coherence (the legal arguments are sometimes beyond me, but I still manage to make myself useful) and he's spent even more tweaking a near-endless supply of footnotes until they were juuuuust right. Anyways, it's kind of a big deal to be published in the legal world so we're very proud of him!

Also, when Jesse just happened to be looking through the final bound copy of his article, Niko turned to him and said, "Daddy, what do you do at work?"

Jesse, feeling a little emotional at seeing himself in print, held up the copy and said, "This, bud. I write things like this." 

Yes, Jesse dear. You write things like this.


ivrcti said…
We are so proud of you both! Both of you are spinning mesmerizing tales! How do I get to read Jesse's paper?
julis said…
Grown up! Grown ups. It's sometimes hard to be grown up,but as there's not very much to be done about it (the solution is rather permanent and concerns things that are not and can not be known), your cheerful attitude is the right way to go. Even if it's just you pretending to be cheerful, it still helps and makes things better. Plus, you are doing so much good! I like the colorful hair. It's a good way to stay in touch with the not-so-grown-up side of you.
melissa said…
you two are pretty good grownups. i want to eat that frittata right now, for example. and the rest of it. and good job jesse about getting published. and good job you for making a spider web. and for getting ready for grad school. hooray.
Kyra Moon said…
Way to be grownups! And congrats to Jesse!

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