This age between 1 and 1.5 can be hard but it is also AWESOME. She's incredibly mobile which makes some things hard (church and grocery shopping) but makes other things awesome (playing outside, dancing to music). She understands basically everything we say to her and has started to say some words (Go, hi, all done (baby sign), da (yes in russian), uh oh, rawr). She has developed distinct preferences for things and will let her needs be known very vocally, but she's also still young enough to be distracted when necessary.  Because of all of this social growth, it's a great time for her vibrant personality to shine through, which is just incredibly fun as a parent.


melissa said…
I liked your basic list of words--including rawr. That was one of Norah's first too! I liked that age with Calvin for the reasons you stated, but Norah decided to be a crazy non-walking sleep terrorist at that point of her life, and I have tried to block it out of my memory. Shudder.
julis said…
giggle & wink are the best!
ivrcti said…
The wink is precious beyond words!

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