Wie treu sind deine Blätter

On the day after Thanksgiving we went to see The Good Dinosaur (good, but too scary/intense for Nikolai) and then came home and put up the Christmas tree!

Nikolai was very into it this year and put up most of the ornaments himself! 

For my part, I whipped up another stocking for Miriam, who wasn't born last year :) 


melissa said…
Nice Christmassing, guys! I just realized I'm going to have to make another stocking next year too.
Maren said…
R had fun decorating the tree too. Almost-four is such an amazing age to be experiencing all these holidays with.
ivrcti said…
It's wonderful to see the number of your Christmas stockings grow! These will be some of the first memories that Niko will keep long term and they seem to be great ones!

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