Outside: Addendum

Remember a week ago when I posted about the kids playing outside? Well, a few days later we got 8 inches of snow (in case you're wondering, that means that in a 3 week period it was 70 degrees and 30 and snowy. Whew, Michigan!).

The view out the window at work (where I watched the first part of the storm) with snow on top of our new addition:

Snow was all piled up on this little pole--it couldn't have been wider than a quarter but it had this giant ball of snow on it!

Obviously, Nikolai and Juwon went out and played in it.

We built a snow family together:

And Nikolai really wanted to hug the little snow baby:

Nikolai was so excited about the snow that he went out no less than three times that day, and insisted on going out at 7:30 the next morning. Hooray for snow!


melissa said…
Agh! We have been teased and teased (by my weather app) with snow, and we finally have about a half inch of crusty frozen ice (And zero degree temps)...not quite what we were hoping for. Calvin would be so jealous of that snowman--I am not showing him...Glad you (Niko) got to play!
Maren said…
They are finally building the addition! Wish I could see it when it's done. I have such mixed feelings about all that snow...But glad Niko enjoyed it so much.
ivrcti said…
Wow, Niko is growing up so fast!

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