Merry Christmas to you

Niko and I kicked off the Christmas celebrations by making some salt dough ornaments. I made some of Miriam's hand and foot and then we had a fun time stamping various things in the dough to see what impressions they made. After they baked, we painted them with some assorted paint I had on hand. We came out with some pretty interesting ornaments!

Christmas morning with an almost-4-year-old was a complete blast. Much excitement, much fun with toys, everything was wonderful.

Niko got a "dried-up-bones" dinosaur in his stocking and Miriam got graham crackers in hers. They were about equally pleased.

We tried to keep Christmas as un-materialistic as we could this year (always a struggle) but we're pretty pleased with our new material goods all the same. Mostly, it was a nice day spent together!

For dinner we skipped the traditional ham-and-stuffing route and opted for tacos instead, going with the theme of "Feliz Navidad" for our meal. 

And of course, we had to listen to the song while we ate (I still have memories of listening to this with my dad growing up!).

And of course, Nikolai wanted to dance and Jesse joined in:

Merry Christmas, one and all!


ivrcti said…
In what ways were you able to limit the materialistic side of Christmas? (We always found that difficult.)
melissa said…
merry christmas!

you know what's funny? one of nate's major love languages is for real giving/receiving gifts. i thought that was made up until i realized it is just a plain fact for him! they don't have to be extravagant or even very cool, but without them he would be sad. that was a big shift for me in thinking of "materialism" at christmas (because i could really truly not care less about getting anything). i know you guys show your love to each other and that is CHRISTMAS!

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