For Thanksgiving this year Jesse's brother Andy and his son Jack came to visit! They flew in all the way from New Mexico and braved our chilly Michigan weather and we were so grateful for it :)

I am not good at remembering to take pictures of people who come see us but here's one of Jack wearing the cool hat he picked out for Andy:

This was my first year making a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, and it was awesome! Our great friend Margo (from Jesse's program) came over and showed me the way her family has always cooked their turkey: Covered with strips of extra thick bacon to keep in the moisture (aka my new favorite way to cook turkey). Despite all my fears, the turkey turned out well! We also made our own gravy with the turkey/bacon juices and it was AMAZING.


A plate full of food!

Awesome dinner mates:

It was pretty exciting to have Thanksgiving at our house this year and we had such awesome people to share it with :)


melissa said…
That's awesome! I still haven't cooked a turkey. You can show me your ways one of these years.

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