Small people

Having small people around all the time has its drawbacks (lots of whining, poop, etc) but there's also a lot of positives. Here's a few from lately:

Spending an hour reading books I brought home from the library (we're basically drowning in picture books these days and none of us are the least bit sorry!):

Also, in case you're wondering why Juwon is hanging half in, half out--at first his parents said he couldn't come in to read books with us because they thought he was bothering us, so he straddled the doorway until I finally convinced them that he wasn't bothering us at all! Then we all moved to the couch :D

Playing trains/duplos and drawing rivers and lakes with markers:

Yay, creativity!

A mid lunch selfie (because I finally joined the modern world and got a smart phone!):

By the way, don't you love Niko's face up there? Priceless.

And finally, some sibling love (?):


Kyra Moon said…
You were the only other holdout I knew of, and now as of last week I've got a smartphone too! Hello, 21st century.

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