Outside is a place we likely won't see much of for a few months (yay, winter! boo, winter!) but we had a lovely and warm November!

In the very beginning of the month, we had a few insanely warm days (in the 70s!) and some of our awesome friends busted out their kiddie pool for one last go. The kids loved it!

Miriam got in the pool at one point, but for the most part she just wandered around eating dirt and leaves and having the time of her life.

A few days later temperatures were back to normal (40s and 50s) but we still managed to play outside.

Miriam went back to eating leaves and generally loving the outdoors.

I do love winter in Michigan but it will be a shame to not go outside as much! We'll still try to get out some but it will take considerably more layers and such. Wish us luck!


melissa said…
do you guys have good winter air? when our air is super bad it is just so insulting of winter because if we were going to brave the weather we should at least be rewarded with some fresh air. right??

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