My loves

There are days when my heart feels like it might burst with love for these three people I share my life with. Our life together is at times messy, hard, and frustrating, but it is also incredibly beautiful and rich. 

At the current moment, Miriam is crawling under my computer chair, murmuring sweetly to anyone who will listen. Nikolai is playing happily at our neighbor's house for 5 more minutes (7, if he gets his way), though earlier this evening he was in time out for play punching the same neighbor's almost-2-year-old and making him cry (3 is a hard age, for parent and child). Jesse is rinsing dinner dishes and speaking Ukrainian to himself, practicing the vocabulary he learned in class today.

"Look mama, I'n doing yoga by my castle!"

These people I love are complex and multifaceted and wonderful.


melissa said…
jesse is learning ukrainian. of course.
Meg N. said…
That picture of Nikolai the Yogi, along with his quote, cracked me up.

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