Miriam: 7 months

7 months with Miriam is delightful!

Sleeping patterns: Just after Miriam turned 6 months, we moved her pack and play to the livingroom. This came on the heels of her waking up every 45 minutes all night long, so we were very eager to have her in her own sleeping space. She was a little fussy for a night or two, tops, then she cheerily resorted to sleeping through the night again. Now she shares a room with Nikolai, and they both more or less sleep all night (this morning she woke up at 5:30 and didn't go back to sleep until 6:30, and kept everyone awake with her--thankfully we all went back to sleep and every [with the exception of Jesse, poor soul] got to sleep in until nearly 9). 

Eating Patterns: Breastmilk every 3-4 hours, and pureed baby food at least once a day, though sometimes twice. She loves the pureed stuff but has a love-hate relationship with actually solid foods. A few times, she's really enjoyed feeding herself bits of whatever we were eating, but other times she rejects it all and only wants to eat some store bought something-or-other. 

New discoveries she made: She can watch her friend Josie (a baby 3 months older than our Miri) and imitate her advanced mobility. She frequently comes home from an afternoon at Josie's house (Josie's mom watches our kiddos while I work) having learned a new skill from watching Josie. Peer pressure for the win!

Accomplishments: Crawling for real (last month she started army crawling, now she's up on all fours!) and pulling up onto her knees! This girl is going places!

Places she went: To Josie's house, to the park for Niko's soccer games, and on exciting outings with daddy while mom was at work. 

Special memories: One morning, Jesse and I woke up before the kids (a rare occurrence). The first sound we heard from the kids' room as we were getting ready was Miriam giggling! Niko had woken her up by wiggling his fingers through the bars of her crib and pulling faces. I think our hearts grew 3 sizes that day :)


Meg N. said…
Miriam is such a sweet little one. :)

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