Sew busy!

After I got off my crazy Harvest Moon kick, I got on a sewing kick (with hours and hours of Doctor Who in the background!).

The not as interesting ones first: 

Two little hidden pouches for our passports and some money for while we're in Russia,

and passport cover for my awesome passport (tutorial found here).

A little more exciting: I found this awesome wallet tutorial (link here) and decided to make one! I've had my old wallet for probably 6 years and wanted a new one, but I have waaay more time than money right now...and I also felt like sewing! so I made one myself. 

There's lots of little pockets for my myriad of cards.

Librarrrrrry carrrrd!!!!!   (yeah, that was probably the first thing we did when we got here--got a library card.  We were here for 2 days and Jesse was going crazy without any books to read!)

It has a pocket for stuuuuf...

And a zipper pocket for my moneys! (I sewed a zipper!)

I was also lazy and didn't want to walk back and forth to the sewing machine downstairs so I sewed it all by! 

That wallet inspired me to make up my own half-sized wallet! This one is a little different though.

It's got the same card pockets, but no zipper.

But I got clever and made a little bill pocket on the side! I had to sit and think for awhile about how I could line both sides AND hide all the seams....but I figured it out :D (*pats herself on the back*)

And there's itty bitty pockets on the side!

Aaaand that's it! (for now!) We leave in 4 days--any suggestions for random stuff I should sew with my spare time?


Anna said…
Your skills are amazing!
Meg said…
A mini wallet for me!!! =D
lydiaruth said…
Jacob and I have been watching Dr. Who lately too!!! We just finished everything available on Netflix. We miss you guys!
julis said…
I love the wallets and passport covers! Good work!
bRob said…

you need to etsy that nonsense right away.

you could be rollin' in mad moneys...I paid 15 dollars I think for a little pouch that didn't have nearly as many pockets!

It might be something to keep you busy when you're at home a lot with the baby? (of course I'm sure the baby will keep you fairly busy too ;)
Catherine said…
hey thanks! I appreciate the feedback :) yeah I've actually been thinking about starting my own etsy shop for awhile now--I think I'll start it this fall when I've got tons of time before the baby's born, and I'll see if I can find time after! :D
Doug & Charisse said…
hooah! you are so cool. I would love a wallet like that - how long did it take you to make them?
Catherine said…
@Charisse: the bigger wallet probably took me most of the afternoon but the little wallet probably only took me 2 hours at the very most! by the way, I linked to the tutorial I used for the first wallet, so if you're interested you could totally try it yourself!

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