Sunday, August 29, 2010

This is how we do

Often, our friday nights just consist of a good movie/tv show, some super cheap (thanks to Smith's low prices and a handy coupon) coffee-free starbucks ice cream, and the two of us.

And we enjoy it immensely.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pizza Picnic Painting Pushing Daisies!

This weekend, we started a project.

Our table was lovely, but the varnish was coming off in places and a sticker had gotten stuck to it so we decided to sand it down and paint it! It was tan before, and the chairs had green railings and tan/varnished seats.

About fifteen hours and lots of sweat and paint on body parts later....

It was finished!

Monday night we got a pizza for dinner because without the table, we had no counter space to cook anything. So we had a pizza picnic outside, then watched the lovely show Pushing Daisies while we worked.

The finished project! I like the kind of country cottage look it has, don't you?

See my shorts? I'm not very good at not getting paint on myself while I'm working...

Kinda cool huh? I'm really proud of it.

Really really proud :D

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dear Jamba lovelies,

Are coworkers even allowed to be as good as y'all are to me?

You are









I laugh more than is probably legally allowed at one's place of employment.

We wear fake mustaches in public sometimes, for heaven's sake.

Hasn't everyone always wanted to have someone to do that with? Or things like it?

Well I have those friends, and you are phenomenal.

I tell y'all practically everything, things I might should keep to myself (like the bruise on my bottom from my new bike...yeah, I didn't need to bring that up) but I feel instinctively that I could tell y'all oh so much more.

Life is good when you're around, Jamba-ites. It is truly good.

Thanks for the laughs, the hugs, the tears of laughter, the on-going good times, the love,

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And all of the houses they build in the seventies finally fall

Our apartment complex was build in the seventies. Just sayin'.


I made these!

They are fridge magnets.

The left one is part of a gift bag I saved from our wedding. It's super cool and has a fuzzy texture to it. The middle one is some of the cellophane wrapper that was around some flowers Jesse got me earlier this year. And the last one is just light green tissue paper that I use for everything.

Man, I just realized in listing what those are made of that I SAVE EVERYTHING. No seriously. We finish a box of cereal and I stash the box in my craft drawer, cause hey, what if I need it? But I do! And I did! I used it for these!

In the spirit ofj ustifying my pack-ratty-ness even further, let me just say that most of the things I save are things with cool textures or prints or what not, cause they're cool and I just KNOW I could make something out of them. And you know what? I usually do, too. I just don't post them >.>

Oh yeah, and those 17 paper towel/toilet paper cardboard tubes in there? TOTALLY gonna use 'em soon. Not sure what for. But TOTALLY gonna use 'em....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Shoe Story

There once was a lovely little pair of size 7 women's converse. They were purchased in the year 2005, for a bright young blonde girl trying to change her style. They were worn, rain or shine, fair or snowy, for many, many years.

These shoes served the girl very well, but two years later it was decided that her shoes were getting a little worn, and she should have some new ones. So another shiny black pair of Converse were purchased. But did she throw the old ones away? Nope! They became her work shoes, where she wore them and wore them and wore them until they literally fell off her feet. And when they started falling off, she did not buy new shoes, but just started wearing the other black converse more!

That was all well and good, until one day, the unthinkable happened.

The left shoe of the newer converses got a hole in the bottom. Now normally, this would not be a problem in dry dry Utah, where the girl currently resided. But the girl also worked at a lovely smoothie shop, where blenders were constantly being washed and the floor was just as consistently wet, which made for awfully soggy feet indeed.

So the girl just wore those shoes less often and got some new shoes! Well, new-to-her shoes, bought at Plato's Closet. They were cute and comfy and nice until....

...they became hole-y too!

These were very dark days for the girl. Not only had her newer shoes betrayed her, but now her trusty old shoes were nearly beyond wearing as well! Something had to be done.

So the girl bought a new pair of shoes. From D.I.

They were cute and fun and....

gave her blisters the very first day. And then the blisters went away....and the arches of her feet began to ache from the complete and utter lack of arch support offered by the shoes.

So the girl bought some lovely Dr. Scholls arch supports.

Which were great.

Except they did not fit well in the lovely new work shoes, and made them rub even worse! What to do, what to do?

Many things were attempted. Silly laces were sewn on in an attempt to make the shoes fit better.

They did not fit better.
They fit worse.

All the girl wanted was her old shoes back.

Or just a little arch support.

Then she remembered those Plato's Closet shoes, which just-so-happened to be the same size and brand as the new D.I. shoes.

So, gently, the girl did some major surgery on the recently departed Plato's closet shoes...and removed their soles, to be transplanted into the new-ish-er D.I. shoes.

And it worked. It was lovely. Just a little arch support! At LAST!

And there was much rejoicing.

An unrelated shoe story:

After the permanent death of both of the girl's beloved Converses, work shoes were found, but what would the girl wear when not at work? For those black Converses had been worn anytime, all the time, and nearly every time.

A solution was found. A combination of a sale and birthday money created......

Lovely new shiny bright blue Converses! So lovely! So new! So Shiny! So blue!

And there was again much rejoicing.

And then, another day, at D.I....

the loveliest of all lovely retro high heels were found.

and purchased.

And loved.

And then all that was needed was a pencil skirt to wear with them....