A conversation from this morning

But first, some background: We bought Jesse some shoe polish Saturday, cause he hasn't had any for a while, but then promptly left for Logan before he had a chance to use it on his dress shoes. This morning, having hit snooze once, leaving us not a ton of time to get ready for school, I see him rummaging around for a polishing rag in the hall closet.

Me: Are you going to polish your shoes?
Jesse: Yes!
Me: Do you have time for that this morning?
Jesse: Yep!

...two minutes later....

Jesse: Oh shoot, no, I don't have time.
Me: That's ok, you can do it tonight!
Jesse: But you really need to do it the day before, let it dry, then polish it again, then....

He has to dress up for one of his classes every Tuesday and Thursday so he got all excited this morning about his shoe polish, thinking he could polish em real quick so they'd be ready and shiny for tomorrow, and even though he didn't really have the time he soooo wanted them to be shiny! He is the sweetest ever.


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