Miriam is 3!

Hooray hooray! 

Miriam has been looking forward to turning three for a long time now (basically ever since she realized that she'll never be as old as Niko) and it was exciting to get to celebrate her. 

Jesse planned a dino themed birthday and it was a blast! I requested to make the cake because that's my favorite part of party planning, and had a really fun time.

Miriam had a few friends come over (who all happen to have older siblings Niko's age, so they came too!) and we had a nice, quiet party. Jesse had all kinds of fun games planned, like pin the tail on the dinosaur, a dinosaur hunt, and so on. 

Miriam at three is an incredible little person. She is articulate and vibrant, with lots of strong opinions and lots of love to share. She is a great sister to Nikolai and is really looking forward to baby sister coming too! She is a joy in our family and we're so glad to get to be part of her life. 


Loïe said…
I love the picture of the kids gathered around Jesse, who looks like he is relaying some very exciting information about dinosaurs, judging by Miriam's expression! She looks amazed! I am amazed by the beautiful cake. I love the nest!
ivrcti said…
This looks like sooo much fun. I like the way you made the river flow over the side of the cake!

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