The weather has been on a steady upward trend lately (with the exception of last Thursday and Friday, when we got 8 inches of snow out of nowhere!) and we've been spending a lot of time outside. 

At the park recently, the kiddie carnival rides were up and running and Miriam was very disappointed that we weren't going to let her ride that day:

For the first time I can remember, Niko walked across a balance beam. It was fun to watch him go!

I think this picture was from before daylight savings time, but we had this one moment at the park at sunset where the sun was coming through this interesting architectural crevice in this building. It was really cool.

Our little courtyard isn't much to write home about, but we've had some fun romping about out there lately. Also, we tried to get the kids to take a picture together in front of this fence, and this is the closest we could get them to stand:

But I got a close up of Niko!

Easter is a pretty big deal in a country that's 98% Eastern Orthodox, and the other day we came across these fun giant eggs and bunnies in cathedral park:

Also, Niko and his classmates have started posing with these gun fingers (like tiny russian gangsters in track suits) and this was the only way he'd pose when we saw these bunnies. Eventually I just stopped taking pictures because he was not going to post any other way.

Finally, we encountered a pony at a birthday party last week, and Miriam loves riding on it. Plus, BONUS: it was the cutest thing I've ever seen. Let's get this girl a pony, stat!


julis said…
I would like to blow this picture up, make it into a wall poster, and stare at it daily. So cute!

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